medicinal benefits of chayote

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The medicinal benefits of chayote can be enjoyed by the fruit ingestion, or through the tea. Coming from Central America, this cousin of the gourd has a very mild flavor and can be used to lose weight, treat high blood pressure, or balance the vitamin C in the body. Grown worldwide, it is a plant resistant to various weather conditions. It grows in almost all places where it is planted and can be easily found in different regions of Brazil.

Medicinal, and in full

The pulp is rich in nutrients, but also the seed, leaves and shoots up. These last three have high concentrations of amino acids and vitamin C. In many parts of the world, are used in salads, raw, or cooked.

The juice of this plant is considered one of the best natural remedies for sufferers with high pressure. To treat this condition, just drink the juice on an empty stomach about 3 times a week.

It can be used with excellent results for those seeking to reduce some kilos, or to combat diabetes. Take a medium-sized chayote, and no peel it, chop into pieces and take to beat in a blender with 1 cup of water. Diabetics and those who want to lose weight should drink this juice at least three times a week, one hour before lunch. It is believed that this is also a natural way to prevent arteriosclerosis.

Called "Cho cho" by Jamaican, and "christophene" for French, both fruit and leaves are diuretics. When used in the form of tea are shown to treat cardiovascular disorders, or as anti-inflammatory. The tea leaves, in particular, can also be drunk by hypertension, in order to keep the pressure under control.

Another very effective medicinal use is against the formation of scars. If you have suffered a scratch on the skin, or do not want to leave a wound marks, simply rub a piece of raw chayote the site to be treated.

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