won makeup is bad, may cause allergy and skin irritation

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items make up as blush, foundation, mascara and pencils tend to be present in female necessaires. When buying a new product, one must take into account the chemical components and expiration date. The skin absorbs elements easily and, therefore, won makeup is bad, can cause allergies, acne and even serious infections.

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Observe the texture, color and smell are one of the main ways to identify whether the product is suitable for use if the period of validity of information has been lost. If the validity is further broken down in the package, the ideal is to check periodically. "The period is determined so that the product has a stable composition and concentration of active components, and effectiveness of the preservatives is only guaranteed within that period", Highlights the dermatologist Angélica Pimenta.

won makeup

Lipstick and gloss should be changed every six months / Credit: Thinkstock

According to a survey conducted by the College of Optometrists of experts from Britain, nine out of ten of the 2,500 women surveyed wear makeup out of date. "The habit of using cosmetics out-dated It promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi, causing risk to health"Explains dermatologist.

Products for the losers face, with long shelf life or poor quality can trigger infections, allergies, dermatitis and acne. According to the expert, the use of shadow, mascara or expired pencil, for example, can lead to bacterial conjunctivitis. "won makeup should not be used in any way, even with only a month off the due date", Says Angelica. For maximum preservation of the product within the shelf life, it is important to keep cosmetics in dry and room temperature.

main risks


Use expired products on the lips can cause fungal infections such as candidiasis, or bacteria. The medium-term products such as lipsticks and gloss ranging from six months to a year.


The texture and smell of the products may indicate that they are unfit for the use / Credit: Thinkstock

"Among the biggest problems found in products for facial treatment are the paraben preservatives and formaldehyde base, known to cause contact dermatitis on the skin"Says Angelica. Regarding makeup, the tip is flush expert blush powder brush and changing periodically.


The eyes are sensitive and therefore more susceptible to irritation. Shadows should be replaced three to six months, eyelashes masks the every three and talc products should be avoided in areas of the eyes.

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