How to prepare homemade sugar free jello and dyes: delicious and easy to learn

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THE gelatine It has numerous proven benefits to health and diet. Of unusual and varied flavors consistency, the candy can be eaten between or after meals without any guilt.

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Gelatin is a product whose raw material comes from the extraction of collagen of the skin, cartilage and bones of various animals, mainly cattle. Thanks to this protein, food stimulates synthesis also human collagen, maintaining elasticity and skin firmness. Furthermore, even prolongs the feeling of fullness and deceives the will of high-calorie sweets.

How to prepare homemade gelatin

However, industrialized versions are not as interesting as well, since bearing large amounts of sugar, coloring and preservatives. Therefore, a good option is to prepare gelatin homemade from natural fruit juices such as grape.


  • 1 packet of powdered gelatin tasteless
  • 500 ml of whole grape juice

Method of preparation

Boil half of grape juice and then dissolve the gelatin package tasteless. Then add the remaining juice. Pour into a refractory shapes or individual light and refrigerate until it hardens.

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