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Who is adept in astrology and believes that the stars directly influence the personality of the people may find interesting the idea to buy a gift according to the sign of who will receive.

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The date of birth of an individual and the main characteristics of each sign can indicate the type of gift, colors and even the package. Check out what are the tips Star Guide present for each sign.

Gift according to the sign

Gift for Arian

Date: 21/03 to 20/04

Known for strong character, bravery, spontaneity and leadership, the Aryans are full of attitude, independent and always take the initiative.

The gift for Arian also have to be different and strong to make him feel special. Fun, sport, fire and head are words that help when choosing.

stylized lighters, sunglasses, objects to the practice of sports, beauty products from major brands, technological objects and self-textbooks are options for gift giving Aries people.

The festivities major surprises can also sharpen the Aryan greatness of spirit.

In packaging, bet on the orange or red. The strong color attracts attention.

Gift Taurean

Date: 21/04 to 20/05

Traditional, conservative and stable, the Taurus prize for quality. simple gifts, but useful, they are good choices. Although economical, they do not care to shell out extra money if the product merit.

In this case, the gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive, but useful and quality. Jewelry, books massage, beauty treatments and musical instruments are options.

Hauls, blankets and scarves are more affordable alternatives.

Controlled by the throat, any object that serves the region and relates to charm, sensuality and pleasure can be welcome to bull people.

The kitchen is another aspect that can be exploited in taurine. dinnerware, utensils and technological game bowls can please.

For packing, invest in a pretty package, but simple and light colors.

Gift for Gemini

Date: 21/05 to 20/06

Known for interactivity and ease in communicating and relating to people, Gemini is easily understood. Exactly why we need to prioritize the functionality and not the price of this.

Gifts intriguing, useful and fun are essential to please a person of twins. Bet on notebooks, mobile phones, tablets and accessories for them, travel, different tours, tickets to show, games or watch and rings.

Connected by the arm, hand and head and communicative, subscription TV channels, magazines, books and calendars can be good gifts.

Gift Cancerian

Date: 21/06 to 21/07

Emotion and sensitivity are words that help define the cancer person. Extremely sweet and linked to the family, to the present Gemini should be like a memory.

Photos, albums, handmade, stories of life books and framed family tree are customized gifts. history books or on antiques are also of targeted options.

Led by the stomach, meals are a good choice. Recipes for cakes or homemade sweets come cheap and a neat package are a treat, and Cancerians.

Gift leonine

Date: 22/07 to 22/08

Vanity. This is the word that exemplifies a Leo. The need to always be in evidence can be used to set in the present. But beyond the minus side, the romanticism should also be considered.

Entries for famous musicals, earrings, rings and necklaces, perfumes from reputable brands, lingerie, wines, wallets, handbags and leather belts and artwork can please Lion person.

And more. As important as this is the packaging. The larger and more elaborate the better. Invest in beautiful boxes or packages with large, beautiful ties. Finish with an inspirational card.

Gift for Virgo

Date: 23/08 to 22/09

Perfectionists and observers, the virgin of people They are among the most difficult to please. The critical sense can disrupt. Averse to change and the loss of time, this needs to be practical and useful.

Travel, decorative items for the home and clothing are options. Try not innovate much and bet on similar parts or the same style as those he already has.

Do not try to make surprises. In addition to the observation skills and perfectionism be a difficult hurdle to be overcome and the surprise run the risk of going by water down the Virgo lover is not them.

The packaging, capriche, but do not invest in anything too flashy. The classic clean pleases.

Gift for Libra

Date: 23/09 to 22/10

Linked to beautiful, Libra likes visually beautiful gifts. The need they feel to be loved and accepted can be found in the present form and the care that the choice needed.

The beauty admired by pound person, bet on art objects, such as paintings or sculptures, the heart of articles, romance books, makeup, pieces of unique clothing, shoes, flowers and cookery courses, art history and photography.

Concerned about the greatness of this, bet on a beautiful package, but concentrate on coming in.

Gift for Scorpio

Date: 23/01 to 21/11

Seductive, sentimental and sensitive, the Scorpion people prize chosen by this calmly and knowledge. data present only obligation not like Scorpios.

Linked to adventure and the need to unravel mysteries, bet on trips radicals, trail rides, tickets to parks or objects that involve the unveiling of the world, such as compasses, telescopes and GPS.

Articles sharpen sensuality can also be hit. Scented candles, lingerie, massage books or Kama Sutra are more options into account and that will leave the puzzled Scorpio.

With packaging, rest assured. The Scorpion person does not repair to the external.

Gift for Sagittarius

Date: 22/11 to 21/12

Impulsive and dynamic, Sagittarians always prioritize experiences. Trips and new discoveries can be part of gift possibilities. High-spirited, any kind of pleasure show its importance and will make happy.

Gifts that refer to travel options are easy to hit. In the passages, the entries in parks or stays in campings the person's Horoscope You can enjoy the accessories. Bags, necessaries, sleeping bags, hygiene kits.

Adventure books, cameras, channel subscriptions dealing with travel and dance courses are interesting options.

Do not worry about packing. The meaning, for Sagittarius, is much more important than the visual.

Gifts for Capricorn

Date: 22/12 to 20/01

Rational and practices, people of Capricorn They need gifts that have utility. But the requirement and the materialistic side increment choice.

Very close to work, suitcases, handbags Notebook pens, tablets, smartphones, notebooks, PDAs and notebooks are options that appeal.

Watches, belts, purses and wallets can also be good gifts to chosen criteria.

Bet on plain packaging and invest in content.

Gift for Aquarius

21/02 to 19/02

Little materialistic, give an Aquarian can be easy. The words solidarity, social events, innovation, technology and communication can help in choosing.

technological devices can quench the thirst of aquarium person By innovations. Cherish also the originality of this.

Exchanges, tickets to show or international shows and trips can impress you. Pets are also options.

Concerned about the surprise and originality of this, the Aquarian little repairs in the package.

Gift for Pisces

Date: 20/02 to 20/03

Creative and emotional, gifting a Pisces is easy. unique gifts working creativity are hits.

creation of computer programs, arts magazines, music collections and entries for national shows are options.

But esotericism also part of the Pisces personality and you can bet on it. card games, candles, signs books or dream interpretation, bath salts, incense, flowers and massages please the fish people.

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