Treatment for dark circles laser: how the technique that the former will BBB Amanda

Amanda treatment circles bbbGlobo / Paulo Belote

Although saying that deep dark circles do not cause any discomfort or low self-esteem, the former BBB Amanda Djehdian've chosen to treatment so she left the reality show. It uses two types of laser to try to alleviate the problem.

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The controller is the darling of the famous dermatologist, Karla Assed. In an interview with Ego, the expert explained what the real problems of the brunette's scout: "In fact, she has dark circles themselves, which is the dark coloration under the eyes, the 'balls', which were induced by filling she had done, and wrinkling of the skin", Details.

Treatments for dark circles

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O for treating dark circles It will be done with two types of laser: the split and the focal ultrasound laser. The last step will be to use a product to try to reverse the procedure done earlier, which caused the bags that Amanda has below the eyes.

A dermatologist Nicole Perim, a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, commented procedures and explained that dark circles can be caused by genetic predisposition and be aggravated by factors of our day to day. According to the doctor, to the laser energy released is attracted to the pigment present in the skin and or blood vessel. This pigment is destroyed and absorbed by the body, clearing the area.

The fractional laser - used by the ex-BBB - is ideal when there is too much skin left around the eyes, which will cause contraction of the skin, reducing sagging, also attenuating the strong color in the region. Since treatment with focal laser ultrasound is used in order to stretch the skin.

Amanda treatment circles bbbGlobo / Paul BeloteTratamento unsuccessful generated bags under the eyes of Amanda

However, the dermatologist points out that for every cause there is a type of treatment and its effectiveness will depend on the skin of each patient. Dark circles can be alleviated when treated appropriately. Therefore, consulting a dermatologist should be the first step. The challenge, according to the expert, is the durability of the treatment, which must be continued to ensure satisfactory results.

In addition, the first changes may take weeks to begin to appear. In the case of Amanda, the treatment will last four months, a session being held every two weeks and, according to the interview that Karla Assed gave the Ego, the results should be apparent after three weeks.

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