Leonardo singer’s grandson is in intensive care after birth mother’s illness: understand the complication

The most anticipated moment ���� I want to thank every caring message that each of you left for us. Thank you!!!! And every mother who identified with what I went through, I want to congratulate because they are warriors and mother passing by neo ICU is not the same! We came back stronger, carried out and giving value to things that are really important. And for you moms, who are still in neo ICU, I give advice to each of you, calms your heart and trust in God! Ask Him He will answer. Only I know how hard it was to calm my heart, but only when I did it all start to improve ❤️ God is Faithful.

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Jessica Beatriz Costa, the singer's daughter Leonardo, became a mother two months ago. The birth of Noah, however, was not quiet. The mother has a congenital condition called tetralogy of Fallot and, therefore, a cesarean section was performed at 37 weeks of pregnancy, a factor that led the small to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). By Gugu program on TV Record, Jessica said she felt very guilty. Understand the case.

Leonardo grandson's birth

Grandfather ❤️

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Noah was born on February 2, 2016. But soon after surgery, little was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit with respiratory distress and was under observation for three days.

According to Instagram publications and Jessica interview with Rede Record, although she was sure her son would recover in this period he felt a lot of pain and especially guilt for having surgery and not expected the baby time.

As account, surgery was scheduled for a week earlier, after feeling very tired and pains in the stomach, she was taken to the emergency room and her doctor said that this was a sign that the baby should be born. Although it is not possible to analyze this case, experts say that in general it is better to wait for the body of the mother and baby deem indications that are ready for delivery.

Three days after his birth, Noah left the ICU and went to the room. On February 7, with five days of life, he has gone home in perfect health, along with his mother.

What happened to the daughter and the grandson of Leonardo?

07/02/2016 the day that the Lord has chosen for us to take our son home! Sunday happiest day of my life, because today is the end of a battle. Today God puts an end to all experienced anxiety and gives us the victory because He is FAITHFUL. Five days of fighting, strong emotions and mixed feelings! And I'm glad to see that this was all part of a plan of God in our lives. Noah was born with pulmonary distress and needed help breathing for 3 days. And during those days my world fell! I was handcuffed, with nothing to do. I knew he'd do well! But just could not deliver totally in God's hands! The anguish and guilt washed over me in such a strong way that I spent all those days crying and feeling a pain that only mother can explain. The time came when I gave my son truly in the hands of the Lord! And he finally took the reins of everything. I came to glorify and not regret! I started to enjoy the moment and celebrate each victory! Every drop of milk to get off at the pump to go to my son was a tear of joy coming. And after that, the victories were just beginning ... God was working and he was evolving. And the more my son felt lighter, my heart was too. There was no guilt in my heart. Glory to God! The day came that I asked the Lord to take place. Our high together! I leaving the hospital with my son in his arms. My warrior!!!! Angel!!!! AS GOD IS FAITHFUL! Today he goes home with NO problem. Comes out perfect, by the hand of my God! And I do best. I leave a better mother, a better person, with a lesson CHANGED my life. Be GRATEFUL God. Only that. Be grateful and TRUST. "The things we do possible. But the impossible is God who makes". Today I go out with a miracle in her arms. He, my most precious gift of God. My son. ���� Thank you to each person who passed through our days there! Mto am grateful to each. And I go out with an amazing experience Soooo learning and a beautiful testimony of how God is faithful! THANK MY GOD, FOR THE LORD IS FAITHFUL. ����

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To understand what happened to mother and baby, Bolsa de Mulher talked to cardiologists and obstetricians.

Jessica has Tetralogy of Fallot, chronic heart disease that can interfere with oxygen delivery to the body. The repair surgery, however, is still generally made in childhood and the patient follows a normal quality of life. Leonardo's daughter was subjected to the procedure to 2 years old.

Although you can not diagnose the case of Noah, usually respiratory failure is related to premature birth. This is because, when taking the baby before the moment he shows, through labor, which is ready to be born, although his little body is already formed, some of their organs are not yet prepared for the external life - the lung is one of them.

Jessica's pregnancy was interrupted at 37 weeks. According to Febrasgo (Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics), from studies presented at the international meeting of important entities that create safe guidelines for pregnancy and birth, babies born between 39 and 40 weeks and 6 days show better vital rates, and thus, currently, this is the range considered for a pregnancy to term, ie in time "right". However, with medical advice that takes into account all the risks involved in the case, that period may be advanced or delayed.

Tetralogy of Fallot

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What is

Among the most serious congenital heart defects (Defect existing in the heart from the body of the training), tetralogy of Fallot is the most common and meets four malformations: a little hole that makes blood red with and without oxygen to mix; a narrowly valve that leads blood to the lung; hypertrophy (thicker muscle) of the right ventricle; and shift to the right of the aorta factor that hinders the circulation and hence gas exchange.

What happens to a person who has Tretralogia of Fallot?

The baby is born with the condition receive less oxygen than it should. Therefore, a major feature of the disease is cyanosis (bruising due to lack of oxygen). To explain, Hélio Castello, a cardiologist and director of clinical Angiocardio in Sao Paulo, compare: "Arterial blood typically has 96% to 100% oxygen. With tetralogy, low concentration to 80% or less".

The impact of the disease necessarily depend on the degree of cardiac abnormalities. But in general, the expert says that the main features are tiredness to feed and little hands and little feet purple. When he grows up, before the corrective surgery, the child may have trouble gaining weight and eventually suffer from fainting.


Currently, the treatment occurs in childhood and is unique: surgery. With advances in medicine, babies who have a chance to develop with the disease are still examined during pregnancy and at birth, the accurate diagnosis is made and the surgery studied. "The time varies according to each case. We can make in the first month or the following months, with most children"Says the cardiologist, who explains that the path is unique, but the procedure can take place in various ways depending on the severity of the case. "It can be a definitive or palliative surgery, to reduce the changes and perhaps be redone in adulthood"He adds.

After surgery, the development of the patient usually follows and according to the expert, their quality of life is the same as any other child and adult.

Adult with Tretalogia of Fallot untreated

Nana Miura Ikari, cardiologist Syrian-Lebanese Hospital and specialist in pathology, says it is currently difficult to find an adult patient who has the disease and has not been subjected to a corrective surgery, regardless of the degree. This is because the procedure is adopted by physicians for many years as the only way out.

Woman with Tetralogy of Fallot can get pregnant?

Pregnant heart tetralogy fallotJirsak / Shutterstock

Although women diagnosed with the disease and who have already undergone surgery did not receive the recommendation not to get pregnant, Nana and Helio explain that prenatal should be more careful with frequent exams, direct monitoring of the cardiologist to control possible arrhythmias and dilatation of the right ventricle and pulmonary monitoring pressure at the end of pregnancy. But still reassuring saying that there is no cause for great concern.

How is the woman's birth with Tretalogia of Fallot?

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At birth, Helio says there is no rule. He, however, have a preference for cesarean section. "I believe that the pressure changes resulting from stress and stress that occur in labor with the woman become more controlled cesarean section, more in the hands of doctors"Justifies.

Already Nana disagrees and says that, following international guidelines - European and American - recommends vaginal delivery. This is because, according to her, there is no indication to anticipate the baby's birth. "In Brazil, is rooted the idea that cardiac patients must make cesarean. But, following the recommendations of international studies, colleagues [obstetricians attending the hospital] always opt for vaginal delivery"He says.

cardiac woman can have a normal birth?

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THE heart disease It is a general definition for people who have some kind of heart disease. Many of them, however, are not impediments to conceive, nor to seek a normal delivery.

For Domingos Mantelli, gynecologist and obstetrician, the most important in these cases is monitoring the cardiologist. "The obstetrician guides, but who considers whether the patient can be subjected to a type of delivery or the other is the specialist who takes care of the disease, which will assess all the risks"He says.

Other doctors, however, say, a priori, vaginal delivery is more suitable for women with heart disease because they have less risk in the overall picture. Bráulio Zorzella, obstetrician and gynecologist, says that regardless of a woman having heart trouble or other pathology in general rules await the outcome of the pregnancy and try a vaginal delivery is always better to choose direct by cesarean section. This is because, as explained, any surgery has more risks to the body than a natural, physiological process such as childbirth. Among the biggest risks, the doctor cites the pressure changes resulting from anesthesia and its adverse effects and loss of blood, which is two times higher in the surgical procedure, and increased by up to 120 times the risk of respiratory problems in the baby.

The obstetrician explained that there is a misconception that the surgery is safer for pregnant women with an illness, are heart disease, hypertension or diabetes, when, in fact, although it is often essential to save lives, the physiological process should be prioritized by be safer. For convenience, it makes an analogy with the normal delivery and cesarean induction with another body function: "Ideally, a person go to the bathroom frequently. But what if she has a disease and bowel gets stuck? She'd better take a laxative and to poop or is it better to have surgery: open it, take the stool and sew again? A cesarean always adds more independent of the case risks", ends.

More about delivery: Carolina Ferraz account if you prefer vaginal delivery or cesarean section

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