16 details of the wedding of former BBBs controversial you have not seen around

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The novel Aline Gotschalg and Fernando Medeiros He gave the talk in the last edition of Big Brother Brazil. After the confusion involving another ex-BBB, Amanda, who had an affair with Fernando in the house, love was threatened. However, the two life took a turn and they resumed. Recently, Aline found out you are pregnant and expecting the first baby of the couple and today (14) prepares to formalize the union with Fernando in a quiet ceremony, to be held in Belo Horizonte (MG), birthplace of former BBB. Check out all the details of this union.

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Aline wedding and Fernando, the BBB: See details

aline wedding fernandoPlayback / Globe

After much controversy during the reality show with the participation of Fernando with Amanda, the program ended in April with the couple apart. But they soon resumed the novel and already in September, decided to get married.

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Shortly after deciding to join, Aline found to be pregnant. Since then, the former BBBs they clung even more and not get tired of exchanging vows of love.

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Recently, Fernando declared to Aline on social networks to congratulate you on the anniversary. "I love you Aline! You changed my life! My Princess. Alinático am! Nothing can separate us"He wrote passionate.

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Aline is not far behind do not get tired of saying how much they are living well. "Happiness hugged me as long as our eyes met, my love! Not everyone is matched in love, you know. I really think we are very lucky because we have found. I love you!", Stated in his Instagram.

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Amanda, the other BBB who was involved with Fernando and became rival Aline, arrived to comment on the romance of the two. "I'm not a big fan of getting appearing at random, this cheap marketing they speak. Whenever you are to see me, you will see me in something constructive"He said in an interview with Video Show program, the Globe.

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The two, however, show is not concerned with comments and appear increasingly happy at parties, events and photos on social networks, very excited about the wedding.

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The wedding will be held only in civil during the afternoon of the 14th, Wednesday, and after the official, the couple will host a dinner for only 80 guests, including family and close friends.

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Only one EX-BBB was invited to the ceremony, the theologian Marco Marcon. "It is present in young lives today and has a great affection for our daughter. I insist on his presence"He commented the bride.

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Aline told the magazine Marie Claire that will use two looks. For marriage in civilian dress follow the boho chic style. As for celebratory dinner, it uses a more elegant dress, white both.

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On the big day, in the morning, the bride visited the SPA Bardot in Belo Horizone (MG), which took a breakfast full of fruits - the main foods included in the menu of pregnancy.

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According to Marie Claire magazine, the former BBB booked the day to make a series of aesthetic and relaxing treatments such as massages and body scrubs.

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To get the perfect skin, Aline bet on a whitening and crystal peeling - a type of exfoliation to remove acne marks, blemishes and give more shine to the face.

aline wedding fernando 3Playback / revistamarieclaire.globo.com (photo: In Scene Photography and Video)

Then she also received a relaxing massage and a foot, and body scrubs.

aline wedding fernando 4Playback / Facebook Aline Gotschalg

The head of hair and makeup of the bride is the make up artist Leo Batista, Salon Tif`s. Aline chose a more natural makeup and loose wavy hair with a braid on the side. "As the wedding is day and can not do an overproduction, less is more"Said Aline to Marie Claire.

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To symbolize the union, the couple chose a gold with brilliant applications.

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The mother of Fernando, Jaira, told the EGO that the couple will take a week for the honeymoon honeymoon trip, but have not yet decided the fate. She and her family the ex-BBB, which is the river, already in Minas Gerais for the wedding.

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