Makeup that suits black dress

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The black dress is a classic and elegant item of women's clothing. And to make it even more elegant nothing better than to complete the production with a makeup that values ​​and highlight even more its beauty. Get inspired by the famous to choose a good prom makeup, parties and other special occasions to feel more powerful.

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Makeup to wear with black dress

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The outlined outlined kitten kitten is a classic makeup and is ideal for those who like the retro look. To use this make in celebration, the tip is to invest in thicker and longer stroke and end with plenty of shade of eyelashes. To let the eyes highlighted, slightly esfume a brown shade below the waterline. If you do not dispense the lipstick, a more closed tone helps complete the look pin-up.

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Boca nude Another option for those who like the kitten is designed to highlight your eyes and let the faintest mouth. The nude lipstick helps to let the most romantic look, and make the call look much more attention. False eyelashes are great allies to leave more open eyes.

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The red lipstick femme fatale style Angelina Jolie can also be an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a powerful visual. For this, the red lipstick is indispensable. To create the illusion of larger lips, look around them with a pencil the same color and finish passing a little illuminator around. In the eyes, the soft smoky black and slightly pulled to the sides helps to stretch the eyes and balance the look.

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illuminated Eye For those who want to compose a more delicate look without giving up red lipstick, the tip is to bet on a lighter eye makeup. The illuminator in the inner corners helps to open up the eye and leaves the sportier look. In addition, the rosy blush gives a health air to the face, leaving the more romantic look.

makeup cbomina black dress with colorful makeupGetty Images

colorful makeup For anyone daring, colorful makeup is a good bet and black dress allows you to innovate more in colors with less risk of exaggerating. Here the trick is to combine harmonic tones with each other. The Actress Lupita Nyongo combined pink lipstick with a lilac shade to create a super feminine look.

makeup cbomina with black dress eye allGetty Images

Look at everything, nothing Want mouth dispense lipstick? Then go all the eye makeup. The production chosen by Cara Delevingne model is ideal for those who want to bet on a more modern and heavy look. To make the look even more powerful, do not forget to pay special attention to eyebrows: fill them with a shade or tone pencil next to the hair, and apply some illuminator around to highlight the outline.

makeup cbomina with black dress clenaGetty Images

Clean not want to weigh in makeup? Do not worry, the clean look is also very stylish. Here the most important is good to prepare the skin to correct and disguise defeitinhos. A rosy blush will face more healthy and a light eye makeup leaves behaved more visual.

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