rounded haircut at home: how to cut U to give more lightness

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To take the hair tips, add movement and lightness make the wires you just need to use some techniques for the cut to be in U. It is easier than you think, and no risky maneuver is not necessary, you can do the same cutting alone , at home.

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Cut into U step by step:

- Divide the hair in half, into two parts. Align all the wires forward, using a comb or brush racket;

- After being sure to have half the entire length in hand, the freight shoulders, tilt your head to the side, turning his neck to the opposite side to what is about to cut;

- Make a straight cut with scissors in length and repeat on the other half. Measure the two sides to the same height;

- Now divide the hair side halves in half, to the line of the ear. Attach the parts of the front, corresponding to the crown of the head and fringe;

- Then divide the hair back, which were released in three other portions. The part and the neck, the final length, you hold. It will ensure its longer layer;

- The first part, closer to the ears should be stretched to the maximum until it forms an angle of 180 degrees. After ensuring that the top of the head wires are well esticadinhos, firmly hold the ends and straight cut;

- Finally the swab and peal the tips of the wires with the scissors vertically, reeling off the layer to prevent the hair from getting too marked and bulky;

- Now, move on to the second portion of hair. Stretch in the same way until the head box wires remain at an angle of 180 °. Compare the length of the first with a wire lock, just cut and equate the tips;

- Remember again ringing the tips of the strands to have their frayed wires, always comparing the lengths of the first part already cut. Repeat the procedure on the other side;

- Finally, now hold the length and release the fringe. Align the wires well forward, stretched his forehead and make a tight roll before passing the scissors around the volume at once;

Watch the step by step:

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