Ellen Rocche show much thinner waist and tells how could result in 3 months

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The actress Ellen Rocche It is nationally known for his guitar body, that is, many curves and well defined waist. To live Leonora character in "Let there be Heart" novel, she put on a few extra pounds.

However, with the end of work, the actress decided to go back to diet and exercise regularly to resume the old way and have a healthier lifestyle.

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Shortly after and with great determination, diet and workouts, Ellen surprised to show how the pants that had been using was already very big for her.

Strategy for Fast Weight Loss

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The first step was to make a battery of tests. Global had its metabolic and hormonal levels checked and, from that, he received specific dietary requirements, training and aesthetic treatments to their goal.

She went on to consume vitamins, supplements, especially fibers, and natural formulations to reduce fatigue and stress. It is noteworthy that this was the plan that worked for Ellen and the need to respect the individuality of each. So before you start, everyone should look for a dietitian or nutrition specialist and have the accompaniment of a professional physical education to train.

aesthetic procedures

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As the actress has never been fat, all strategies were drawn so that Ellen could reduce measures. So combined with diet, exercise and supplementation, the actress also made lymphatic drainage sessions, modeling massage, radiofrequency, ultrasound and lipocavitação.

Ellen Rocche diet for quick dry

In food, Ellen cut completely gluten, lactose, sugar, frying, cooling and caloric beverages and took a diet rich in protein and fat and with good very little sodium and carbohydrate, very similar to paleolítica diet.

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In the first two weeks, the actress did not eat fruit and reduced amounts of food to get dry even more. At first it was a shock to diet then come back and go to the part of rehabilitation.

In addition, she proceeded to take shakes in place of some meals, eating protein bars in the intermediate snacks and take nutritious soups and light at night. Video made for Youtube, Ellen revealed that the hardest when changing your eating habits is to control the desire to eat sweets, but that protein bar chocolate flavor and shakes helped circumvent this well.

exercise Ellen Rocche

functional training in the park ✔️�� #lifestyle #fitness #desafio #qualidadedevida

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How was without training, Ellen began walking 5 km three times a week and replacing the elevator the stairs up and down his apartment, which is on the fifth floor.

Then he became functional weight training and workouts that work the entire body, including the cardiovascular part in races. Among the exercises done by Ellen in this training were abdominal plank biceps and triceps with dumbbells on pilates ball and on the bench, push ups, up and down the bench and sink.

In one week, Ellen trained for four days on a staircase with personal trainer Rodrigo Tamashiro. Besides leaving legs and firm buttocks, training on the stairs also improves fitness. In training, she ran up the stairs, walking aside and leaping with both feet together.

amazing class boxing with @rodrigoleitegoubaux champion in school Antônio Carollo. Thanks, Master! #Boxe #NobreArte #FilosofiaDeVida #Desafio

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The next week, made 30 minutes three times a week dance classes, while the weight side. racing shots, trails, bike classes, boxing, Muay Thai and HIIT were also part of your exercise routine.

In class of HIIT, Ellen made a high-intensity exercise circuit and which are ideal for burning fat, like bending with only one knee, squat on the wall, jumping jacks and sit-ups.

Since the beginning of its transformation, Ellen has been training from Monday to Saturday.

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