Denial of US visa for Brazilian triples; what to do to increase chances?

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Get the visa for the United States It is more difficult for Brazilians. The refusal rate tripled from 5.36% to 16.7% between 2015 and 2016.

The US Embassy in Brazil, as matter of Veja magazine, does not give official reasons for the increase in the number of "no" to anyone who wants to get the visa.

Two factors, however, may have everything to do with this new reality: the economic crisis in Brazil increased unemployment and financial instability in several sectors of the economy, which makes many people seek opportunities in other countries (data from the IRS requested by Veja magazine show that in 2016, there were 18,342 outgoing claims of Brazil, compared to 7,346 in 2011, for example), and how to prove ties to the country of origin, a bureaucratic detail (which makes all the difference) in time to take the document.

American visa

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Donald Trump also clamped down to the issue and visa renewal for Brazilians, through a decree signed in January this year.

From now on, the personal interview is required step for visa renewal within 48 months after maturity. Before this group was dismissed. With the change, only people who ask for renewal within 12 months of winning will not interview.

For Brazilians who will get the visa for the first time, the US government has determined that only children under 14 and older than 79 years are exempt from interviews at any stage of the process. Before the decree, Brazilians under 16 years old and older than 66 years were exempt from the interview.


According to the expert visas, Ana Galdino, which has a documentation advisory firm, the criteria to characterize the link with the country of origin, which would prove that the citizen would not be in the destination country illegally, "are very subjective. "

It attributes the increase in negative, however, the Brazilian profile today will chase the paperwork to go to the United States.

"People are desperate to leave Brazil, trying to go really. So today the Brazilian's profile is very different, "he says. "Not to mention that the criteria for the grant or Consulate official not seen are very subjective."

This means that even if the person proves that you are leaving things in Brazil (which, therefore, would require to return to their country of origin) can not be 100% sure that the visa will.

"The applicant can show that you have home and bike, but it can be sold, you can say that will leave a child in Brazil, but then can send search it," exemplifies the expert.

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In general, the guidance for those who want to use the documentation is to align common sense with real facts that can facilitate the removal of the visa.

"I say that we need to play 'connect the dots'. The problem is that people want to leave Brazil with a data inconsistency ".

"Some people want to get the tourist visa to go to Disney, but is unemployed for six years. Where he will get the money to pay? One can also say that it will study English, but in her history you can see that she does not attend a course 12 years ago and that their profession does not show the need to learn English. "

What does the Embassy

On the website of the Embassy and US Consulates in Brazil, there are all kinds of information on visa and documentation required for the issue.

For tourist visas, for example, the agency states that the decision of granting or not granting entry visas will be based "in the interview and information provided verbally."

Two more documentary evidence may be requested by the consular officer:

  • Related to sufficient resources to cover the costs of travel and stay and proof of residence in their country of origin,
  • Related to residence in the country of origin, "established through family, work, property and other ties or commitments to their country of origin and which are sufficient to force the applicant to return when the end of your trip."

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