Baby Name Telo and Fersoza is chosen after dream; meaning is very cute

daughter telo fersozattafersoza / Michel Teló / instagream

The couple formed by actress Thaís Fersoza and singer Michel Telo announced only a month ago who is expecting her first child. Now, a short time later, they revealed that the baby is a girl and has already chosen name.

daughter name of Michel Teló and Thaís Fersoza

In a post made on his Instagram, Michel Teló announced her daughter's name and told us that the inspiration for the choice, Melinda, came after a dream of Thais:

A name that came from a dream Mom. And daddy loved since the first time he heard. "Melinda". We love you very much. #MinhaLinda #DeusAbencoeNossaMelinda ����❤️����������������

The post shared by Michel Teló (@micheltelo) on Mar 20, 2016 at 1:18 pm PDT

Thais posted the same picture at the same time that her husband, but with a different caption:

It is much love for that belly .. The joy is so great that not fit in the chest .. Dad and Mom Melinda! God bless forever our little sweetheart! ������������ #MuitoAmor # AmoMinhaFamília #RealizandoSonho # ObrigadaMeuDeusPorEssaBenção #NossaMelinda

A shared publication by Thais Fersoza (@tatafersoza) on Mar 20, 2016 for 1:18 PDT

Meaning of the name Melinda

Of Greek origin, the name Melinda is a variation of Melina, both derived from "Melitinna". By having "Honey" as root, the name evokes sweetness and refers to "sweet woman". By association, the name makes mention of tenderness, gentleness and kindness.

Women who are called "Melinda" usually gentle, educated and connected to the family. The choice of the couple also drew attention for being the joining of two words: honey and beautiful.

Currently, Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates and important philanthropist, is one of the women who carry the name that will be given to the baby Thais and Michel.

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