Tincture of arnica against muscle pain

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Well known and used among older, arnica is the medicinal plant sunflower family, rich in functional properties that help in the healing of certain injuries and illnesses.

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The inolina and quercetin, anti-inflammatory substances and analgesic present in the plant, help to relieve pain caused by bruises, muscle strains and other injuries that are usually obtained through sports.

To address these issues, the use is indicated tincture of arnica. The plant has toxic properties and, therefore, should by no means be ingested without the consultation of a specialist, may cause vomiting and increase blood pressure.

How to dye arnica

In a bottle alcohol, add 150 g of Arnica (leaves may be dried or fresh) and a little water. Let the mixture sit for 15 days and apply with the help of a cotton on the injured places.

the sun care

Whenever you apply the remedy in some part of the body and is sun exposure, make sure you completely removed the body dye. When exposed to the sun, this combination can cause allergic reaction.

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