All the secrets of cake “fluffy towel” perfect: Texture to cover

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The cake, which is a tradition in the afternoon coffee houses of the most beloved grandmothers, could be considered a national heritage. Moist and full of coconut, the "fluffy towel" is a unanimity when the will is to have the comfort of a soft and tasty sweetness at the same time. The all grace is in delicious sauce made with coconut, which also serves as a cover and covers the entire exterior of the dough, leaving the cake with velvety appearance.

perfect coconut cake: how to make

If you want an incentive to try to fluffy towel recipe, you can find the method of preparation in three different versions. One of them even suggested by Palmirinha, Grandma that every little grandson would like to have. Below, discover other tips to achieve a perfect wet coconut cake:

1. The more you beat the egg whites, plus your cake will get cuddly with the ideal texture to receive the wet sauce of coconut milk that will leave it soft and delicate like a cold pie.

2. Always use the same as coconut milk and milk, for example, considering the bottle or aluminum can of condensed milk as a reference.

3. Always stick the whole cake with a fork, leaving a space of a finger between each "bite" with the ready and still hot as cake.

4. Pour the syrup of condensed milk and coconut milk also in the still hot cake and form. Thus, you ensure it will get wet, especially and including the side.

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5. Before serving, leave the cake in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Do not cut it hot, it will be soft and may break.

6. Only in the day to serve unmold and cut the cake into equal rectangular pieces. Dip each piece in shredded coconut and wrap in foil.

7. Always Serve the next day as well geladinho. So, too, it is advisable to pack the pieces to remain wet even after a few hours after cutting.

8. If you want, you can freeze the cake pieces ready wrapped in aluminum foil. In the freezer, they can be consumed within three months. To defrost, right out of the freezer at night and leave in the refrigerator until the next day.

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