Sombre Hair lightens the hair and is famous the color trend

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For women who are tired of the lights of the very marked whitening hair type ombre, a new trend that has made the head of the gringo and now arrives in Brazil. O sombre hair, much gentler technique has less contrasting nuances and illuminates the face of a much more natural way.

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X ombre SOMBRE

sombre hair ombre hair 4Images: Getty Images and AGNewsCompare the ombréhair Drew Barrymore and hair sombre Giovanna Lancelloti

Thiago Cardoso, the colorist Color Boutique, explains that in ombre hair the top of the wires is darker and the tips are lighter, with the union of colors in the intermediate length. In sombre, the color of lightened locks is only slightly lighter than the hair of the rest, allowing the tones become more mixed. In addition, the gradient in each strand of hair is also softer in sombre.

Tip: To brighten the face and enhance the peaked, ask the hairdresser focus some slightly lighter nuances in the face of the region and the shorter layers peaked cuts.

How to sombre hair

The sombre can be done in light or dark hair, always respecting each woman's skin tone and the proposal for whitening, which should be subtle. The nuances most suitable for dark skins are clear honey and tobacco. For black skins, golden brown and burnt caramel coppery or guarantee a light and natural look.

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