7 desserts with irresistible chocolate, cream pie, goody trifle and more

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Who can resist a dessert of creamy chocolate? Hot or iced, this delight is undeniable. check it 7 chocolate desserts to die. Try it all!

cream pie with chocolate

Learn how to make a delicious pie ice cream with chocolate. Let even tastier recipe pouring chocolate syrup over whipped cream.

Pave Dream Waltz

Try the chocolate to make an incredible income of pavé. This dessert is suitable for special occasions and the preparation time is worth every second.

Brigadier spoon

With few ingredients, bet the creaminess of Brigadier spoon to kill the sweet will.

Chocolate Muffin

With chocolate syrup on top and decorated with confectionery, learn how to prepare a simple chocolate muffin recipe.

Chocolate fondue

Ideal to eat watching a movie, learn how to prepare a chocolate fondue that is ready in five minutes. Separate your favorite fruit and enjoy!

Chocolate candy with strawberry

For those who do not want to get away from the traditional and are looking for a simple and easy recipe, learn how to make a delicious and practical chocolate candy with strawberry.

simple Brigadeirão

Simple and creamy, the brigadeirão revenue is a welcome dessert at any time of day. Check out how the walkthrough is easy to do.

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