9 things you did not know about “Dexter’s Laboratory”

Dexter's Laboratorydisclosure

One of the great successes of the channel cartoon Network, the animated series "Dexter's Laboratory" He showed the misadventures of a precocious genius who had to deal with the nonsense of the older sister and unconventional enemy. Science lover, he kept a hidden lab in the room.

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See 9 facts about the design:

# 9 First series entirely created for Cartoon Network

Dexter 2 Laboratorydisclosure

The first original channel number was parody "Space Ghost Coast to Coast", but the character was Hanna-Barbera, as well as most of the images that the design mentioned. As for "Dexter's Laboratory" was originally created in 1995 as a short "What a Cartoon!". For its popularity, it was adapted, gaining a more complex plot.

# 8 It all started with a dancer

Dexter 3 Laboratoryreproduction

Genndy Tartakovsky He created a high dancer and blonde for university work, as representing the opposite of a softly brother and lover of science. It was from there that came the first sketches of "Dexter's Laboratory".

# 7 The Boondock Friends are inspired by Marvel

Dexter's Laboratory 4disclosure

Not quite a surprise, since they are very similar to the originals. However, it is worth mentioning that the animator Tartakovsky is a big fan of Marvel. Since he was 7 years old, when he came to the United States, he followed hard comics and heroes series.

# 6 The Burrito Palace there

Dexter's Laboratory 5reproduction

Tartakovsky was inspired by one place I visited often in Chicago to create the desired location by Dexter.

# 5 Seth MacFarlane worked in the series

Dexter's Laboratory 6Fox / Handout

Known as the creator of "Family Guy", MacFarlane We reached roteirizar four episodes of "Dexter's Laboratory". Craig McCracken, creator "The Powerpuff Girls", He was also an artist, designer and director of animated series.

# 4 was inspired by an episode of "Merrie Melodies"

This is the animation "The Dover Boys at Pimento University"1942, with Daffy, which brings a different style of other drawings Looney Toones. This was one of the great inspirations of Tartakovsky.

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# 3 A forbidden episode

Dexter's Laboratory 7reproduction

The episode "Mark M for Monkey" He included in his first season a character named Silver Spooner, Silver Surfer parody, Marvel. He went out of circulation because it was classified as a 'gay stereotype'.

# 2 Episode rare - and censored

Dexter's Laboratory 8disclosure

The episode "Rude Removal", Season 2, was never broadcast on TV because it bore some terms of profanity and some attitudes appropriate for a children's entertainment. Over time, it became an episode celebrated by fans of the series. He could only be seen in 2013, when the channel Adult Swim published on his YouTube profile.

# 1 Theories

Dexter's Laboratory 9Wickfield Deviantart

Like any famous animation, "Dexter's Laboratory" was also the target of fan theories. One of them says Dee Dee It would be a time traveler. Another says that the plot would be the predecessor series "The Big Bang Theory".

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