Medicinal Plants of the Amazon and its benefits

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The natural wealth of the Amazon rainforest is known and appreciated worldwide. With one of the most fertile soils of the planet, the Amazon is home to many plants that carry medicinal properties very useful for treatment and prevention of various health problems. Meet some Amazon medicinal plants and their benefits for humans.


The main medicinal properties of boldo are related to your digestive power. The tea made from the plant is allied to combat heartburn, indigestion, nausea, and help alleviate the pain caused by gastritis and pains in the liver.


For those who suffer from diabetes, gorse can be a good ally, as it helps to decrease glucose levels in the bloodstream. In addition, the plant is anthelmintic, helps purify the blood and digestive is - useful for relieving heartburn, stomatitis and constipation.


The lemongrass tea is one of the most popular choices of natural natural teas to relax, combat insomnia and relieve anxiety. This Amazonian plant is still useful to reduce menstrual pain and symptoms of diseases such as mumps, chickenpox.


At medicinal properties of anise They are mainly related to its expectorant power. Instructed to relieve coughs, bronchitis, colds and flu, tea made from this plant also helps to calm the body and combat insomnia.


This Amazonian fruit, popular worldwide, is known for its ability to provide instant energy. Useful for combating fatigue and increase physical endurance, this small fruit helps to improve mood, concentration and even guarana is good for weight loss.

Cat nail

For those who suffer from sneezing, the cat's claw tea is an excellent natural treatment for allergies. That's because it contains substances that activate the immune system, decreasing the reproduction of viruses and inflammation of the respiratory tract.

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