deleted scene from “The Devil Wears Prada” would change their view of Miranda Priestly

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"The devil Wears Prada" He debuted in 2006 and has since left Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway immortalized in the roles of Miranda Priestly and Andy Sachs, respectively. All already know the story, which revolves around the relationship between the editor in chief of Runway, a famous fashion magazine, and his junior personal assistant - who despite being an aspiring journalist, ends up accepting a job "a million girls would kill to have".

The two are opposite characters from the beginning to the end of the film: Andy thinks the fashion industry ridiculous and superficial, as Miranda is one of the most respected people in the area. At the end of long, even gaining the trust of his boss, Andy gives up the dream job of many people to pursue a career in the journalistic field, leaving Miranda empty-handed.

Since then, the public was divided about what to think about the two characters. What many do not know is that a deleted scene from the movie could change the vision we have of the pair.

deleted scene "The devil Wears Prada"

devil wears prada 0817 400x800Press Release / Twentieth Century Fox via IMDB

Despite the film's release have occurred more than 10 years, a deleted scene "The devil Wears Prada" He caught the attention of internet users for one reason: the relationship between Miranda and Andy could have been completely different from what we witnessed.

For you not to get lost, we remember how the scene actually happens. Late for the birthday of her boyfriend, Andy is "prey" at an event next to Emily (Emily Blunt), all for the Miranda assistants need to stay next to the boss to make her remember the name of the guests. This would be a normal day, if Emily had not forgotten the name of a person and Andy had not salvado Miranda's an embarrassment - and thus won some of the publisher's attention.

The scene has been deleted from the film would come soon after. In this version, Miranda's husband would arrive just before Andy be released to the party of her boyfriend. It is then that the future journalist realize the horrible person who the man is, he hardly speaks the event and asks one of the guests get a drink. Miranda tries to drown out the situation, but it is Andy who takes near guest. At the end, the publisher thank the assistant - the second time in the evening - quite relieved.

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It would be a completely embarrassing situation for Miranda to have her husband messing up his successful career. Later in the film, Andy ends up stopping inadvertently an argument between the couple when he enters the house of his head - this being the first time she realizes that their relationship is anything but perfect.

It's strange to think how it would be the relationship between Miranda and Andy if the assistant were so involved in the personal lives of his head from the start of the film. Did the story change completely?

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