What to do when your cat goes into heat?

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From 5 months old, the female may already into a heat, and this cycle may be repeated every two months. You may notice some behavioral changes: different meows, frequent exits to the street, male cats visits in your home etc. She is restless, often walks with the tail and with the butt raised, while lowering the body.

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You know that place for which you think she will ever escape? It is likely that she can escape there at these times. You hardly managed to hold a cat through her heat.

Try away the other cats, so that there is copulation is necessary but very difficult as the species conservation instinct will cause the female works out everything to escape and find the male. Also, the insulation is a valid attempt. Try to hold the animals in separate locations when there is the presence of a male cat in the house.

How long does the cat's heat?

The heat can last up to 10 days, but this can vary.

O cesium can last up to 10 days, however this can vary from animal to animal. Between 8 and 12 days can be considered normal. If this period is greater, must be held consultation with a veterinarian for follow up.

If the cat does not get pregnant, it is more common to have a heat every two months, but that time is not fixed, it may become smaller or larger.

If your cat had kittens, know that in less than a month after childbirth, she can go into heat again.

Drugs for inhibiting estrus

Medicines for heat are not recommended

Several drugs to delay or cut the heat available in the market. None of them should be given without prior consultation with a veterinarian.

Injections to the animal does not get in heat are based on hormones and can bring many health problems.

Used when still intends to allocate the animal reproduction, these products are administered with the intention of delaying the heat, but the risk of the animal developing some serious problems is increased substantially.

Among these diseases, there is an increased incidence of infectious processes and tumors in the breast and the uterus, then the administration of such products. Also, if administered at an inappropriate time (after the cat have already crossed, for example), there may be various types of disorders such as miscarriage, or abandonment of the wells of the mother pups. This will bring complications to your cat and, in most cases, surgical intervention is necessary. Never use these medications without consulting a veterinarian, you will be putting at risk the life of your animal.

Castration is the best solution

Neutering makes your pet does not come in heat.

Castration is undoubtedly the best way to avoid the heat. It is a surgical procedure done solely by veterinarians in which the ovary and uterus are removed.

The animal may be subjected to castration, at any age, even in the period before the occurrence of the first heat 5- or 6 months of age. However, it's best to perform this procedure after you pass at least the first three episodes of heat, if possible for the animal to develop fully. Providing this surgery is a good that you'll be doing your pet.

Postoperative requires some care, such as cleaning the wound and administration of drugs that will be guided by professionals who do the procedure.

Leave having at least one creates is important for the health of my pet?

No need to leave your pet to have puppies, this is a myth.

No. Contrary to what is spoken, there is no need to let the animal cross, or having your first child, or even wait for the first heat. The health of the animal is perfect and spaying before the first heat decreases the chances of your pet getting breast tumor. Castration can be done with the young animal before birth or oestrus. The veterinarian will make the evaluation and indicate the best date for the surgical procedure.

Castration is beneficial for your pet and makes you do not have to live on average every two months, with his cat behavior changes. Also, do not run the risk of her having many young (most often between 4 and 5) every pregnancy. Cats proliferate very quickly and you hardly will be able to keep all or pack owners responsible for all of them.

The need to leave your pet is cross myth! Make a well to your pet, opt for castration.

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