Meaning of male and female Japanese names for babies

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In addition to choosing a more traditional name for the baby, is quite common among Eastern families the introduction of a second Japanese name in the composition of child's full name. The choice, however, is rarely random and often follows a tradition or concern about what it conveys. Meet meaning of Japanese names male and female baby:

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female Japanese names

Nara: besides being the name of a major Japanese city, the name still means "oak" or "the one that makes up".

Naomi: It means beautiful and honest woman.

Akemi: means "one that shines", "beautiful light".

Hana: in Japanese, the name means "flower".

Aiko: means "beloved daughter".

Keiko: means "wanton".

Yoko: means "radiant girl".

Kin: means "golden child".

Yasu: means "tranquility"

Japanese male names

Akira: means "bright" or "intelligent".

Hideki: means "superb tree".

Hiroshi: means "generous man".

Satoru: means "one that is illuminated".

Katsuo: means "victorious man".

Ichiro: means "the first child".

Tatsuo: means "wise".

Yasuhiko: means "Prince of Peace".

Daichi: It means the first grandchild".

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