Tricks to reheat leftover food without letting it dry, withered or hard

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Some people prefer to eat the "Soboro" the previous day cold, straight from the refrigerator - is meat, soup, pizza, etc. Others warm each and every food in the microwave, without caring if it will completely change the original texture of the dish. However, if you are part of the group that likes to consume the remains of food in the nearest possible to state that they were out of the oven or pan, the rules and following tips are for you.

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Rule number 1 to reheat leftovers: use the same medium used in the original preparation. Ie, heat the soup back into the pot, baked potatoes in the oven and the chicken fingers in the pan with oil. Thus, you will come closer to the original result.

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Pizza. If you do not want the dough is limp, put the piece in a frying pan over medium-high heat, with cheese up. Cap and heat for 3 to 4 minutes until the cheese melted. Uncover and let 2 or 3 min to better harden the mass.

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Rice. In saucepan, heat the rice with a little water and keep over medium-high heat. Mix well to moisten the food. In the microwave, you can do the same, covering the container with plastic paper.

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Risotto and pasta. Place in microwave next to a glass of water and heat. The steam will return the moisture to the food. If the base is white sauce, mix a little milk in the dish and heat in the microwave (without the water this time). Stir in half the time.

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Grilled meat or chicken. Cut into smaller pieces and requente in the pan. If you want, put a few drops of oil.

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Pie. Whether sweet or salty, reheat in preheated oven or electric toaster oven.

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Cakes, breads, snacks and other bakery items. Bake in a preheated oven or electric oven.

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Potatoes. If they are roasted, slightly back in the oven, covered with aluminum foil for about 10 min. Remove the paper and leave for another 5 min to get crispy. If they are fried, reheat in a toaster or in the frying pan.

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Soups and broths. Heat slowly in the pan, over medium heat, stirring constantly. Be careful not to evaporate.

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Vegetables. The best way is salteá them in the pan with a drizzle of oil.

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Breaded. The oven or electric toaster oven are the best options to return some of the crispness of the fried batter.

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