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Learn how to have a flatter stomach It is not as difficult as it sounds. Do that crazy diet or spend more time in the gym than having fun is not the solution for those who want to achieve this goal. We parted simple tips to achieve that purpose and parade in the summer with that body healed and full of curves.

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Abdominal belly to slap

The ideal is to bet on the infallible combination of abdominal and aerobic exercise to win chapada belly. What eliminates the fat is burning calories and to do sit-ups, the calorie expenditure is low. Therefore, this type of exercise only serves to strengthen the muscles and not to eliminate belly. Mat, transport and cycling are good choices of aerobic activities. However, for chapar the abdomen is also necessary to invest in a balanced diet and hit the activities of dose. Yes, if you have a good physical preparation. To begin with, the ideal is to do sit-ups two days and rest one.

When it comes to working out the abdomen, the important thing is not only the number of repetitions but also the type of stimulus given to the muscles. Perform movements that work different muscles (rectus, oblique and transverse). Invest in isometric exercises (board, for example) in one day and the next bet on movements overload to the body does not adapt to the stimulus. Varying the number of sets and reps, decrease the time interval between exercises and modify the amplitude of movement are also good exits to leave the retained belly.

Types of exercises for belly

Ideally located start with exercise and then go to aerobic. When you begin to exercise, the body uses as fuel glycogen, a substance that is stored in the muscles. When finished the abdominal and start walking, the glycogen stores is already down and your body will need to use another source of energy, fat. As aerobic requires more energy and the body will already start burning fat activity, you will lose weight faster than if it were otherwise.

Lying, face up, place both hands under the hip, serving as support to the body. Stretch both legs upwards, forming an angle of 90 degrees. Hold for 30 seconds and do 20 reps. If you have pain in the lower back, can adapt the exercise: lying with the belly up, bend your knees toward your chest. Extend your legs so that the feet point upwards. Hold for 30 seconds and do 20 reps. In both exercises, you can do 3-6 sets of 20 reps or increase the workout doing 3 sets of 20 repetitions + 3 sets of 30 seconds.

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