independent production and have children without a partner

independent production women want to have childrenindependent-production-women-want-have-children

"What I hear from many patients is that they can not even join the other person, but will not fail to have a child anyway. For them, the concern and Maternity dream may be above the own wedding". The statement is the medical expert in human reproduction Michele Panzan, the Campinas unit of Huntington Group.

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The current scenario, with women who think career and leave to become mothers later, reflects the results of women's emancipation in the middle of last century. Today, women are increasingly self-sufficient and independent. "They can choose the partner, decide whether or not to marry, and even if it does not not feel deterred from seeking one treatment to have children"Says the doctor.

Pregnancy After 40

A growing number of women who choose to have children after 40 years

Most dedication of women to career and professional achievements, made the late motherhood became a trend in Brazil and worldwide. Some women only decide have children after 40 years, biologically unfavorable period to female reproductive functions. In this situation, being a mother of course is impossible. "Luckily, reproductive medicine accompanied these changes and assists women with or without husbands, to generate their own children"Says the doctor.

But it is a warning. "The technologies do not prevent the decline in fertility that ends with ovarian failure. Women who want getting pregnant after age 35, with early menopause and a family history passed or will undergo cancer treatments, should be alert to avoid the risk of not having own eggs"He explains.

Alternatives to single motherhood

pregnancy rates through donated and frozen eggs are generally high

Egg freezing

"It is a reasonable alternative to, even belatedly, to have children with their own eggs. It is recommended if hormone dosage deflagration tests a low egg counts"Says the doctor.

Egg donation

"Women who do not have the eggs themselves may resort to giving these cells. Those who opt for ovodoação end up presenting high pregnancy rates, since these cells come from young donors that can be selected according to the recipient's characteristics. Donor and recipient do not know each and identities remain anonymous by law"He explains.

Donation of sperm

"As well as egg donation, the recipient can choose a donor with the features they find important. Donor and recipient also may not know the identity of the other one. In Brazil, there are already egg banks and eventually the woman can use cells from international banks, where, generally, the amount of information about the donor is greater"He says.

Fertility treatment

The doctor explains that after the eggs have been thawed or gametes obtained from donors banks, the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure will be used for fertilization there cell and they are transferred to the uterus. "IVF can be performed with the own thawed eggs and sperm from a partner or donated. You can also do it with both gametes (male and female) donated. Pregnancy rates that occur through donated and frozen eggs are usually high, for these types of cells have been preserved or collected in reproductive age".

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