Famous indicates gym to have young face after 40 without botox

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One of the secrets of Guilhermina Guinle actress to keep her skin even after 40 is the facial gymnastics. In an interview with EGO, it assumes that already resorted to Botox in your life, but that abolished the procedure for some time. To combat wrinkles, the famous secret is the strengthening of facial muscles.

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"I can no longer do botox. I am in favor of letting expression marks naturally. The most we do is to apply laser twice a year. But the real tip for the bloom of my skin is facial gymnastics. I learned from expert Roseli Siqueira, from São Paulo"He explains.

facial gymnastics step by step

Guilhermina spent three of the exercises is to help raise the cheeks.

  1. Smile wide, but does not show the teeth. You have to feel your lips really stretching. Hold for ten seconds and return to starting slowly. Repeat five times.
  2. A hands around the chin, forming with them a V. Push slowly and gently, the corner of the mouth toward the temples. This exercise should be repeated 10 times.
  3. Imagine you're filling a balloon and inflate the cheeks, holding the air inside seven seconds. Release the air slowly, making a "pout". Repeat five times.

facial exercise work?

According to the dermatologist Ana Carolina Rocha, the facial gymnastics really helps to slow down aging and can get that tired expression of the face - but for this, the exercises should be done daily or frequently, depending on the person's skin appearance. "The position of the head must always be straight, natural and relaxed, with eyes open", account.

The opinion of the dermatologist is reinforced by the physical educator Maria Lucia Rezende, who says that is not enough to take care of the face and let the hand muscles. "It is they who hold the skin. The skin may even look younger, but the muscles need to be in place"He explains.

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