How to season beans to stay tasty: Simple tips

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Although beans are a staple dish to prepare in the kitchen indicated that it is seasoned correctly, otherwise it can get or too thick or too thin. Check out simple tips how to season beans to stay tasty.


The ingredients used to prepare the recipe make all the difference in taste. To give a strong and sharp taste, bet on cut pieces of bacon and skinny and slices of smoked pepperoni sausage. Fry these items in garlic and onion and then enter the already cooked beans.

B is soft to the grain

Often the bean broth to be flavorful but not the grain. This is because, or ingredient used is not of good origin, or because he was not prepared properly. The trick is to clean the beans, remove the grains that are bruised and leave the remaining sauce for an hour before putting on the pressure, and cook faster this technique helps in softness.

How to make full-bodied beans

To leave the thick bean soup is simple, pick up after pressure, lower the heat and wait. Cook over low heat until the broth reaches the consistency to your liking.

bay leaf

The bay leaf is an essential item that can not miss in cooking this dish, it gives a special taste to the broth. Put it when adding water from the beans. To get good taste, for every cup of grain, add a leaf.

Amount of water

To know the exact amount to be used in beans, measure 1 cup of beans for 3 cups of water.

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