Types of eyebrow micropigmentation: wire to wire, smoky and compact

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Also called carving or semi-permanent, micropigmentation usually correct eyebrow failures and has durability ranging from two to five years. In the eyebrows, for example, the techniques may perform a smoky cover plateau or wire to wire in 3D. The most modern method provides a result more and more natural and look like real.

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The micropigmentation is performed by means of the apparatus called dermógrafo having a needle at its end, and allergy involves the application of glycerine to the base pigment in the skin. Next, know the most common and known forms of pigment eyebrows:

1. Technical wire to wire

This is the most natural and most requested technique currently. In it, the wires are drawn in the same thickness and direction of the existing ones, which makes the look very natural. The method may still be in 3D, using a blend of yarns of different sizes and colors, providing an even more realistic to the eyebrows.

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2. micropigmentation smoky

The mist eyebrow consists of a cloudier design in an effect similar to the eyebrow pencil. It is ideal for those who want to enhance the color. That is, for those who already have a checked design, but need volume in coverage.

3. compact micropigmentation

Technique often used a few years ago, when there were so many alternatives in micropigmentation, this type of eyebrow correction is not advised as it marks much to face. It is made as a stoned design, delimiting a strong design and artificial, usually compact and striking.

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