Breast milk may be weak or insufficient?

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The advice of experts is feed the baby only breast milk until six months of age. However, many moms are left with questions when feeding their children. After all, it will be that breast milk is enough for baby's nutrition?

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According to the neonatologist Renata Carolina Garcia Lamano is established that there is weak milk. The doctor says that the quality of breast milk It is essential for the baby, but that mothers believe there when the child cries a lot. However, there is no relationship. "In the first months crying is the only way the child's communication. The baby wants to nurse all the time early in life because he is learning to breastfeed, then you can get tired and need rest before continuing breastfeeding"He explains.

Another factor contributing to the mother's milk is suspicious when the small wants to nurse all the time. But there is an explanation: the digestion of breast milk is faster than cow's milk - those of infant formula. So the high frequency of feedings.

"Breast milk is best because it has been proven that contains 250 to baby protective substances. Only after the sixth month supply must be complemented"Says Renata.

Baby can receive all the nutrients it needs from the mother's milk (Credit: Thinkstock)

Breast milk is insufficient?

Most women produces enough to feed your child, but some teething problems at the beginning of contact with the baby can make breastfeeding difficult. If the child can not suck the breast easily, milk production may decrease.

"This factor contributes to the belief that the mother does not produce enough milk. It is extremely important that the baby is well positioned for breastfeeding and snapping areola (nipple) and Nipple. Thus sufficient milk production will be guaranteed"Teaches the neonatologist.

More than inadequate suction, insecurity and mother's nervousness can also harm. Hence the importance of keeping quiet, since relax helps stimulate milk production.

Nutrition during breastfeeding

During the period of breastfeeding, the mother should avoid smoking, which can decrease the amount of milk, and is toxic; excessive doses of caffeine, which irritates the baby and leaves no sleep; and consumption of alcohol, responsible for destroying nerve cells and inhibit the hunger of the child, leading to poor weight gain. "In relation to food, the mother should avoid mainly food and condiments excesses that may alter the taste and / or odor of the milk, such as garlic, onion, radish, cabbage, broccoli"Concludes Renata.

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