Madeleine case: what is known today about the disappearance that shocked the world

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The case of disappearance of Madeleine McCann that when disappeared, he was 3, full ten years without reaching a conclusion.

The English little girl has not yet been located.

Madeleine disappeared from the room of a resort in Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal, on May 3, 2007, where he spent a family vacation. In the picture above, it appears with his age at the time and, alongside, in a drawing made by the authorities in 2009, with the characteristics that she could have at the time.

At 21h that day his parents, the British doctors Kate and Gerry McCann, went out to dinner with friends, leaving Madeleine with her twins in the room. When Kate returned to the room around 22pm, the girl was no longer in bed.

The disappearance of Madeleine mobilized and shocked the world, and the media followed the tireless search for the girl. Madeleine faria 14 years on May 12.

In the tenth year without the presence of his daughter, parents issued a letter on the Find Madeleine website (translating, Find Madeleine), created to give and receive case information, and translated this period of distress as a "stolen time."

Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

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The case of Madeleine McCann is shrouded in mystery, exposure and contradictory statements.

Realizing the disappearance of her daughter, who was with two brothers at the resort's bedroom, parents said they felt guilty for leaving the children alone and denied involvement in the disappearance of the girl.

On April 26 this year, British police Scotland Yard announced that a woman who was sighted near the resort that day is being sought as a suspect. The information is the British Sunday Express site.

According to the same site, Scotland Yard has already spent 11 million euros in the search for Madeleine and resources for investigations would close in September this year.

The first year of the girl's disappearance, however, was full of news and speculation, and no indicate the solution of the case.

One of the early versions indicated that a man would have been seen at 21.15, close to Madeleine's room. In a statement, a family friend, Jane Tanner, said he would be there just looking for his own daughter in a nursery near the apartment.

Another indication that arose at the time: sniffer dogs found traces of blood in the room but it was proved that the blood was a man.

Portuguese police disclosed that the girl's DNA had been found in the trunk of a car that the family had rented almost a month after the disappearance, but this race was questioned by experts.

Version parents and police

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Parents and British police say the girl may have been captured by some stranger while staying at the site. Portuguese police on the other hand, came to point out the parents as suspects (which was removed before the Supreme Court) and speculates that she may have died and the parents would be simulating a kidnapping to cover up the situation.

The hypothesis was supported by the former coordinator of the investigation of the case police Portugal, Gonçalo Amaral who in 2008 published the book "Maddie - The Truth of the Lie".

That year, the case was closed by Portuguese and British authorities. The searches, however, resumed in 2013 with the release of new spoken suspects portraits.

In 2011, Madeleine's mother published a book with her daughter's name, with personal notes of his diary.

To this day, parents buy birthday and Christmas gifts for her daughter; they say never give up to find Madeleine, as there is no evidence that she's hurt. They stress that it is "very vulnerable and need our help," as out on the official event website.

Chances of finding

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There are divided opinions on the chances of finding the girl alive, after ten years of the incident.

The Fox News website, the former FBI agent Mary Ellen O'Toole said the case is "resolvable" and that the passage of time can be an ally in the investigations.

"Ten years can do a lot for people and now they can feel that they can present information that did not feel comfortable to present at another time," said the expert to the site.

It evaluates the evidence that may exist at the resort should be reviewed with the use of technology and the establishment employees who worked in the case of the day need to be interviewed again.

According to the British BBC, which was in the region of Algarve for a special report, most local residents believe that the girl is death.

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