Ex-BBB Aline shows birth of the child: Video displays birth in the bathtub; watch

The @origemfotografia is very happy to be able to register and participate in this special moment of @alinegoficial @femedeirostt @ferline_meuorgulho family, conducted by Videomaker and photographer @carlosantonini partobh # # # pregnant amorincondicional # gestantebh

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Former BBB Aline Gotschalg shared with his followers a video made during her labor, which lasted 15 hours and took the opportunity to declare her husband, her son, Lucca, and talk about how it was the day of the first-born birth . The video can also be seen in the specialized company Instagram account that accompanied the birth of the baby.

Ex-BBB Aline vents

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The publication took everyone by surprise because last week she vented on Twitter, saying that no one would be knowing the day the child was born and would not post photos out of the maternity or child, not wanting to expose him.

Born son of Aline and Fernando

Welcome. #NasceUmPai AmorQueNãoSeExplica # # LuccaWasBornPt1

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Last Saturday, April 30, the former BBB Fernando Medeiros posted on Instagram a photo of the newborn screening "stamped" child in your hand to announce the birth of their first child. In the legend, he just wrote "Welcome" and used the hashtags "Born a father" and "Love is not explained".

# LuccaWasBornPt2

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On Sunday, former BBB used their social networks to reassure fans. Without giving details, he said that the delivery was perfect, the woman was 100% and joked that the baby was his face.

Video delivery

The video shows the former BBB Aline into labor with her husband, also a former BBB Fernando, in the hospital. The scenes also show Fernando thrilled and holding the woman's hand many times. At the end, he presents his son Lucca family awaiting the birth of the baby.

In the legend, Aline made a long statement to her husband and thanked his support during all times. "Were 15 hours in labor with the most amazing and special person I've ever met in my life at my side. Held my hand not letting even a second during those hours, he encouraged me every minute, when he lost the strength in the pain of contractions, cried with me when every tear of pain already exceeded my serenity".

In the same post, Aline also talked about the day of the first child birth. "I am unable to achieve those moments translate into words. I've tried, but NOTHING comes close to what we live that day"He said.

Finally, she said it was without doubt the happiest day of your life.

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