Granola thin, prevents cancer, bowel disease and aging

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You know if granola fattening or slims? There are those who consume cereals believing it to be good for diet, while many talk about weight gain that they provide. It is true that the granola has a high calorific value, but at the same time can bring a lot of benefits for the body, preventing cancer, intestinal diseases and preventing against premature aging, plus, yes, lose weight!

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But of course, this depends on the mix of consumption of roasted grains, nuts, seeds and sugar. "The granola has low fat and health important nutrients in its composition, such as soluble and insoluble fiber, vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. Nevertheless, important features calorific value and must be consumed within a healthy eating context, and 40g, the equivalent of three tablespoons, has 150 calories"Explains nutritionist Cintya Bassi, the Maternity Hospital Saint Kitts.

Ideal for leverage granola benefits without increasing the weight is to consume about 20g (one tablespoon and a half tablespoons) a day, always added to foods with low-calorie. "It is usually consumed with yogurt, fruit, vitamins or acai. In the case of yogurt, if the intention is to lose weight, the Greeks are not the most suitable, because they add higher caloric value. Preferably, the light versions".

Also according to the expert, a good choice is to consume the cereal especially in the morning and before physical activity, "precisely because it is one of the most restorative power foods". It is also important that people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, they pay attention to those labels, since the composition is varied and can present sugar - in this case, the diet version is more suitable.

Understand why granola thins

Thanks to the high concentration of fiber, the granola can promote a great feeling of satiety, which prevents hunger sooner and helps control appetite. In addition, the minerals, especially selenium and zinc, are rich in antioxidants. This ensures a detoxification of the body, essential for cells to function well, increase metabolism and assist in burning fat.

more benefits

The nutritionist Cintya Bassi also has other properties granola. "Soluble fibers are substrates for beneficial intestinal flora of microorganisms that assist in the production of B-complex vitamins and act to protect the walls of the colon and bowel, thus reducing the incidence of cancer and diseases in the digestive tract".

They also improve glycemic control has nutrients that improve mood and energy of the individual and the minerals selenium and zinc prevent against the aging of cells. Cintya takes to alert: "The intake should be tied to increased water consumption, because the digestion process of fiber needs fluid. If insufficient, can cause constipation".

What granola buy?

There is no legislation to define the composition of granola, so can present numerous choices, composed of different elements and in varying amounts. The light version has generally foods with lower caloric value, such as seeds and fruits. Already normal to have higher amounts of oil and fruit sugars. If the goal is to lose weight, opt for light, but both should be consumed in moderation.

Like granola? See the video a nice option to eat it with banana.

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