Theory says Boo and Violet are the same person – and also features 4 “evidence.” It will be?

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that Pixar films have some connections with each other, everyone knows - we have seen some characters make "very tips" in more than a movie, and even some elements and repeating scenarios. However, a theory not yet well known points to a very special bond between two great successes of the producer: "S.A. Monsters" and "The Incredibles." And the link between them would be the characters Boo and Violet.

One theory discussed on Reddit forum indicates that Boo and Violet can be actually the same person! The Ozzertron user pointed out a lot of evidence showing that the two characters have many features in common that the little girl who will stop in the monster world with Sulley and Mike could be, yes, the daughter of Mr. Incredible and Women-Elastic.

Boo and Violet are the same person?

# 1 The parents of Boo

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One of the "evidence" presented is that in "Monsters SA," Boo's parents do not seem to worry about the girl's disappearance. In the scenes where the monsters back to the children's room, the environment is always the same, indicating that no one went there to look for her.

This is because, according to the theory, the parents knew that Boo had the ability to turn invisible and therefore had no reason to think that the child disappeared, but that was just hiding. And this is precisely the ability to Violet in "The Incredibles."

# 2 Hide and Seek

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In "Monsters SA," Sulley is impressed with Boo ability to hide and reappear, which could indicate that the girl, in fact, could disappear from truth. In some moments of the film, the child simply and quickly add appears next to the monster without him noticing how she managed to move without him having noticed.

But if Boo can be invisible, because she does not escape the sucking machine Randall cries? The Reddit user answered that question too: he reminds us that in "The Incredibles," Violet can not use his powers when under pressure - ability she begins to develop only at the end of the film - and that it could have happened with Boo, being still very small.

# 3 The Boo Monster

In "Monsters SA", each child has their particular monster, whose skills are meant to scare her the most. Do you remember what was the power of Randall, movie villain who was the monster's room Boo? Be invisible. The theory is that the monster just represented a characteristic of the child that she still did not quite understand.

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# 4 Similarity with other theory

Another theory about the best-known Pixar says Boo is in "Toy Story 3": in one scene in the nursery Sunnyside, much the same little girl with her appears playing on the floor. The Reddit user compared, then the character "Toy Story" with Violet to point out the similarity. Check it:

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Do you think that the theory makes sense?

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