Cleaning the wardrobe: 3 steps to make a complete cleaning it

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To perform a thorough spring cleaning, you must be willing to clean a closet inside (all the drawers and shelves) and out. Also remember details such as the rack bar, which usually gather enough dust in addition to the repartimentos for shoes and sneakers.

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1. How to clean?

Start with the outside. First, over the top, then in the mobile side. To remove dust, use a damp cloth or flannel in the following solution:

Add 2 tablespoons of mild detergent coffee diluted in 2 liters of water. Pass the mixture with a cotton cloth and then dry with a clean cloth.

This homemade solution can be applied in cabinets of any material, including the MDF that are more fragile and can not receive any type of product.

2. To take musty wardrobe
Empty the closet and put a bowl in it with 500ml of boiling water and 500ml white vinegar. If possible, leave the overnight solution within the wardrobe, if not possible, wait at least 2 hours.

Then wipe clean with vinegar all over the furniture, and then use the solution taught in the beginning of the story (the same for cleaning the outside) before you let it dry with the doors open.

thorough cleaning wardrobe making 2ThinkstockUse vinegar to remove mildew stains and prevent the fungus from spreading

Finally, place a piece of blackboard chalk in the wardrobe. It absorbs moisture from the environment like a sponge. It is worth also leave a piece in each corner of the closet and replace it once a month, preferably.

3. Complete cleaning inside: drawers and shelves
Use a vacuum to remove all dust and waste fabric and mites accumulated in the corners of the internal compartments of the shelves and drawers. Then pass a damp cotton cloth with a few drops of white alcohol vinegar.

You can also remove the dirt from the corners using a small brush with the same product. Then use a clean cloth to finish cleaning. Let the open wardrobes for 10 minutes to air.

The same previous cleaning solution can also be applied across the inner cabinet structure such as racks and calceiros bars, and crabs.

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