8 tricks to take mascara waterproof and red lipstick without drama or dirt

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At the time to removing makeup, Products for skin and haunts come out easily, since the mascara and red lipstick can be real challenges. Resistant and often waterproof, these pigments end up staining the skin when cleaning, which makes you spend more time and end up having to rub over the face to remove. However, with a few simple tricks can facilitate the removal of the products (a lot!) - no work, no drama and no mess. Check out the tips.

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Tricks to take makeup

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Taking red lipstick: step by step

  • To remove excess, press a tissue or paper towel between his lips until it absorbs the maximum possible pigment.
  • Apply a colorless gelatin layer on the lips and wait a few minutes.
  • Moisten a cotton swab with warm water and press it to his lips, dragging the outer corners to the center (when cotton gets too red, turn-off the other side and repeat the process).
  • Apply a lip moisturizer to finish.

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Taking mascara waterproof: step by step

  • To facilitate removal of the product, the first trick is the time to apply: apply a mask normal lashes and use the version waterproof only on the last layer - so the pigment is attached to normal mascara and not to the eyelashes.
  • Moisten a cotton ball with warm water and gently press the lashes to soften the mask.
  • Moisten another cotton swab with a bit of petroleum jelly and gently pass on the lashes (with closed eyes).
  • Finish with a specific makeup remover for eyes, gently pressing the lashes with a cotton swab.
  • If you want to apply a little Vaseline on eyelashes - the trick helps to strengthen the hair.

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