Revenue tuna pate: 6 different ways to do

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THE revenue tuna pate It is an excellent alternative when the choice is a light afternoon snack. It can also be served as an appetizer with toast before a meal. Meet six different ways to make this delight.

Pate with tuna olives

Bet on olives to give a taste of the olive tuna pate recipe. With just four ingredients this recipe promises to success.

Pate with yogurt tuna

Let the even lighter recipe adding yogurt in its preparation. Revenue tuna pate with yogurt is simple and takes ricotta in its preparation.

Pate with onion tuna

Give a milder taste for pâté recipe, add sliced ​​onions with cilantro.

smoked tuna pates

Make a recipe of gourmet tuna pate. The trick to this dish a delight to stay is to bet on a smoked tuna that is well drained and complement the flavor with cream cheese and black garlic.

Tuna Pate with raspberry

Revenue tuna pate with raspberry is suitable for those who love to mix the salty flavor with the sweet.

Tuna pate with lemon

The trick to a different tuna pâté recipe is to invest in a more azedinho flavor in the recipe, for this is just put lemon in time to prepare.

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