Tapioca with chia lose weight more than traditional; learn to do

tapioca with chia bella falconiPlayback / Instagram

Last feel of diets, tapioca lose weight to be healthier than bread, be free of gluten and ensure satiety. But there is a way to boost food to lose weight even more: adding chia the preparation.

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The hint was given by fitness muse and mistress of the most famous belly Instagram, Bella Falconi. According to published in its social networking tips (@teambellafalconi), which is in partnership with the nutritionist Luciano Bruno, the grain added to tapioca flour (made from cassava) can improve the quality of the protein and also the glycemic food index . Also, Bella also advised to eat four almonds along with tapioca, to improve the factor of inflammation of the meal.

Bella Falconi taught supercharge tapioca in its network of fitness tips (Credits: Playback / Instagram)

Why is it better?

This trick sparked controversy among the followers of Bella, and the doctor was keen to explain the benefits of this union in revenue that prepared using the shredded chicken filling. "The ignition factor (IF) to which we refer is a calculated index of the food. To calculate this factor takes into account the glycemic index, profile of fatty acids and phytochemicals content. The chicken that we have the IF +17, cassava -100. The FI must always be positive, so both call attention to the combinations. Bella added chia and brown, which together have FI +170 to balance the IF revenue. Do not have to exclude those foods with negative FI and yes, FI balance of the meal. With the combination that Bella made the meal and got IF 30, ie, anti-inflammatory"Wrote Luciano Bruno.

Chia glycemic index decreases tapioca (Thinkstock)

Nutritionist opinion

To ensure that chia add the tapioca is a good option, seek the opinion of another doctor. The nutritionist Andrezza Botelho agrees with the tip and ensures that indicates their patients.

"It's fantastic boost tapioca with chia seed to reduce the glycemic index. Oriento already for a long time use this cooking technique. I still like to do it with a coconut oil wire. Almond is also excellent, rich in good fat and have excellent antioxidant nutrients, such as vitamin E. But oriento to change the oil to prevent food intolerances".

How to make?

To make tapioca with creaky, just add the corn flour that you normally use to prepare food. Distribute the pan as usual, and heat until the beans and flour to join. Is ready! You can garnish to your liking, or opt for one of the famous tapioca revenue.

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