10 tips to prevent fluid retention in the summer

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The high temperatures represent an enemy to blood and lymphatic circulation, since excess heat is a factor which contributes to the fluid retention, causing swelling in the body, in addition to pain in the legs, feet and even feeling of weight gain. "The fluid retention is a problem that primarily affects women due to hormonal issues"Explains the physiotherapist Marina Gaulke, the Livon Clinic in Joinville (SC).

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She says there are still others factors that cause swelling like staying in a sitting or standing for a long period, contraceptive use, pregnancy, hormonal disorders, excess beverages, obesity, excess salt in food or food consumption. But with a few simple tips held on the day, you can minimize the symptoms.

How to fight swelling

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Elevate your legs when at rest, if possible a few times during the day and as soon as you get home.

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Move your feet, circular in shape, up and down.

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It is in the same position, either sitting or standing for a prolonged period.

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Avoid staying long in places with high temperatures.

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Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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Consume less salt and processed foods during meals because sodium contributes considerably to the body retain fluid.

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Exercises, especially for working the legs, such as walking.

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Avoid excessive weight gain.

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If a more serious case, perform lymphatic drainage sessions, and help prevent swelling, also minimizes the symptoms and the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

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Look for a doctor in charge to rule out other more serious factors that may be contributing to the problem.

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