In addition to ‘Jurassic World’: Meet 10 movies with dinosaurs

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Next June 11 debut the highly anticipated "Jurassic World: The World of Dinosaurs", produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Colin Trevorrow.

The film is the successful fourth episode of the franchise "Jurassic Park", first released in 1993.

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In addition to "Jurassic Park" dinosaurs were the subject of many other films.

See 10 other movie examples with prehistoric animals:

"The Lost World" (1925)

One of the first film productions with dinosaur, "The Lost World" was inspired by the work of the writer Arthur Conan Doyle, the same author of "Sherlock Holmes." Produced by First National Pictures, one of the major Hollywood studios at the time, the film had special effects in stop-motion by Willis O'Brien, the same who edited the first "King Kong." In the plot, the paleontologist George Challenger believes that the Amazon rainforest is also home to the last dinosaurs on the planet. He travels to the location and is surprised by the evidence of his theory. The discovery, however, it becomes dangerous.

"When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" (1970)

Panned to show humans and dinosaurs at the same time, the British film Val Guest shows the adventure of a blonde who, after being captured to be offered as a sacrifice to the 'sun god', runs away in a storm and finds several other tribes ( and dinosaurs) hostile.

"The returned Dinosaurs" (1993)

In this animation produced in Steven Spielberg studio, Neweyes captain back to the time and feeds dinosaurs with cereals that make them more intelligent and less violent. They agree with a captain's request to come to our time, to help children in New York. However, they end up being persuaded by the evil Captain's brother, Professor Screweyes, and run the risk of losing the benefits obtained from cereals.

"Toy Story" (1995)

Rex is a Tyrannosaurus but runs away from everything that you think about the prehistoric animal. Fearful and confused, the character joins the exciting adventures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear in one of the most lucrative animation for film at all times. All right, Rex can not be unconventional - but her charisma makes up for all its flaws.

"My partner is a Dinosaur" (1995)

Whoopi Goldberg, the film is set in a futuristic society in which dinosaurs live with men. Whoopi is Katie Coltrane and, next to Theodore Rex, a talking dinosaur, sets out to find a killer to get a criminal scientist who wants to create a new 'Armageddon' to eliminate them.

"Dinosaur" (2000)

This animation was, at the time of its launch, the most expensive production of Disney's gender, reaching a $ 130 million budget. The film chronicles the journey of an orphan dinosaur created by lemurs seeking a new home after losing his family on account of a meteorite.

"Sound of Thunder" (2005)

Based on a futuristic story of Ray Bradbury, the film directed by Peter Hyams is set in 2055 and shows how the time travel has become a lucrative activity the company "Safari in Time", which encourages wealthy people to hunt dinosaurs. However, something goes wrong, and that creates consequences that culminate in big time waves, and other catastrophic effects.

"Night at the Museum" (2006)

Launched in 2006, the film "Night at the Museum" has become a lucrative franchise. Starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Robin Williams, the film plays with the imagination of people who theorize what if each work of a museum came to life.

"Ice Age 3" (2009)

In the third film in the franchise, "Ice Age", the sloth Sid decides to create the puppies three dinosaur eggs, but inadvertently gets caught by her mother, who wanted to redeem their offspring. So Manny elephant, tiger Diego and other friends go to the 'lost world' in search Sid and face giant dinosaurs and many adventures.

"Walking with Dinosaurs" (2013)

Mixing documentary and fiction, the director Neil Nightingale made use of 3D technology to display three paquirrinossauros puppies, herbivorous species living in the Arctic Circle. The film fantasy their survival until they reach adulthood.

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