Photodepilation x laser hair removal: the pros and cons of each

photodepilation by summer

Recently, a new method of hair removal with the proposal to eliminate or significantly reduce the long-lasting: a photoepilation. The technique, in effect, is the same as laser hair removal, but promises two advantages: low cost and absence of pain.

The procedure is done by Intense Pulsed Light method. A machine releases a flash of light that demand by melanin present in the. The substance, which is responsible for the black color of the thread, acts as a heat conductor, leading him to the hair root that is then burned and eliminated.

Laser hair removal uses basically the same method but has some differences, such as the use of more concentrated light and increased power.

Here are the pros and cons of each treatment:



- It is painless

To be used in a lower energy intensity, the light does not act as deeply as in the laser method and therefore does not cause pain.

- It is cheaper

In the main clinics, the price varies between R $ 55 and R $ 60 per area and per session. They are considered treatable areas the groin, the fluff, both armpits, bottom, among others. Each leg counts as one area, so the price for the complete removal of both out between R $ 110 and R $ 120.

- It ensures reduction of 70% to 80% of the

"It is impossible to eliminate 100% of hair, because their production never stops", Explains the physiotherapist in charge of D'pil Ana Carolina Markesz, expert pulsed light.

- The session is faster

The procedure in two whole legs lasts about 40 minutes. In the armpit, the session takes around 15 minutes.


- It can not be done in black or tan people

"This is an absolute contraindication. The demand for light melanin, which is what gives color to the. As black or tanned skin contains high density of this substance, the light will not differentiate between the skin and will cause burns on the client"Explains Ana Carolina.

- It does not work in people with the blond, white or red

By the same reason as before: by the clear lack melanin, or have very low amount, so the light can not find them.

- There is a risk of increasing the amount of hair or make them thinner, not eliminate them

"What happens to the photoepilation is the use of a very low energy, which can increase the amount of hair, or worse, tune them. The coat acts as a pickup antenna, then the thinner, more difficult to be found and eliminated. The chances of finally ending it become minimum"Explains Dr. Valéria Campos, Laser Department member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

- Maintenance should be done at least once a year

After the initial session, the client must make a single maintenance session every year to eliminate the new born.

- It requires a greater number of sessions

Treatment of photoepilation takes six to eight applications to complete on women and eight to ten to be done in men.



- After the initial treatment, it is not necessary to maintain

"When done well, laser hair removal does not need maintenance, unless you have a hormonal disorder that makes the hair grow back", Assures Dr. Valeria, who still alert.: "Men should think well before making the laser beard, because after not born more."

- Eliminate 80% of the

Similar to photoepilation, laser promises to end 80% of the yet definitively and in less time.

- It requires fewer sessions

It takes two to five applications in laser hair removal to complete the treatment. "The photoepilation is more expensive because it takes more. I have seen the case of client who went through 20 sessions. Always be suspicious of treatment with number of over five sessions, it can be used with low energy"Warns Dr. Valeria.

- There is laser hair removal for dark and tanned skin

In modern devices, it is possible to adjust the range and intensity of the light, allowing black and tan women do the treatment without being spotted or burned skin.


- It hurts

The method laser, to use higher power in power, is pretty sore.

- It's more expensive

Prices are very salty compared to photodepilation. The fluff can cost anywhere from $ 60 to R $ 200 per session. Two whole legs between R $ 600 and R $ 2,000 a session.

- It does not work in people with the blond, white or red

Just as happens in photoepilation, the laser also search for melanin in the making ineffective treatment in people who do not have the black.

- The session takes longer

The application can take up to two hours for the entire two legs.

Learn more about photodepilation the video below.

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