Makeup for night: step by step

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For the day to day makeup should be light and subtle at night is a different story. THE makeup for night It can be charged, especially in the eyes, and should emphasize what the woman is most beautiful and charming.

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The combination of lead gray and black is classic and not go out of style, and look good on all skin tones. Not to leave the heavy look, the golden rule is to bet on a nude lipstick or a gloss if the intention is to highlight the eyes.

Evening Makeup Tips

1 Apply the purple shadow in the inner corner of the eyes.

2- Use the shadow lead to cover the entire mobile eyelid.

3- With the help of a detail brush and a black shadow, create a "V" lying on the outside corner.

4- With fluffy brush and a little brown shade, esfume black shadow.

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5 Apply an illuminating shade close to the eyebrow to leave more open look.

6. Outline the inside of the eye with a black pencil and then the lead esfume shadow close to the lower lashes.

7. Finish with eyeliner and a good mask for eyelashes.

Press Release / Fenzza Make Up

Want more makeup tips for night? In this video you learn to do step by step make a total black.


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