Shampoo Johnson’s works to wash your face? You can use?

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It is known that some own baby products have aesthetic uses for women: in the case of Bepantol to moisturize skin and hair, for example. Another product that has now entered this wave is shampoo Johnson's Baby, it would be great to wash your face. Myth or truth of the internet? We talked to the dermatologist Samantha Enande to answer questions.

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Shampoo Johnson's serves to wash your face?

shampoo johnsons wash your faceThinkstockA foam that makes the shampoo on the face helps to remove the dust pollution

According to the doctor, the product is, in fact, good for clean skin. "Being developed for super baby's delicate skin, it does not irritate our skin. It has neutral pH and makes a reasonable foam, which removes the dust and impurities that have accumulated on a daily basis with the pollution. Then the shampoo Johnson's is good for cleaning the skin"He explains.

But attention: the only function of the product to wash your face is the cleaning. He does not treat the skin. "It is great for all skins. Does not harm the skin dry and does not increase the oiliness of acne prone, for example. But he did not have any treatment function. He will not go "balance" the skin will not fix. Just clean without harming"Explains Samantha.

Johnson shampoo to wash your face textThinkstockOs baby products have very low allergenic potential

Baby shampoo is good for adults?

Samantha says that for some, the normal facial soaps may have components that irritate the skin - especially those around the eyes and mouth, which is more sensitive. In this case, it usually recommend the shampoo.

O Johnson's shampoo is neutral and has very low potential to cause any complication: the chance of developing an allergy is virtually zero. These are the main strengths of the product. "As it has a little moisturizing factor, it's great even for use in autumn and winter", Recommends professional.

She points out that there is no need necessarily to be Johnson's brand. "Being a baby shampoo, it was formulated to be free to give allergy possibilities. The idea is not really to no side effects, and this is not unique to a particular brand".

Information about Johnson's Baby Shampoo

shampoo johnsons 2 text 2DivulgaçãoO Shampoo Johnson's Baby is neutral and cleanses the skin without harming

How much?

O price shampoo Johnson's is another attraction: the bottle with 200 ml costs $ 8.36. The 400 ml option exits for $ 11.55. (Price consulted in May 2015).

baby shampoo replaces facial soap?

You can use the shampoo Johnson's to wash your face; However, Samantha warns, that does not mean it is better than a specific facial soap, dermatological line. It can be a substitute for cleaning function, but will not have the same effect with regard to treatment. "He is good, for example, for those who tried to use various soaps, various brands, and has not adapted to none. Or develop allergies. For those who have difficulty tolerating dermatological products line, shampoo Johnson's is a good choice", resume.

other notes

Another use is indicated for those who are doing some dermatological treatment a little aggressive as peeling, laser or acid. "As the shampoo is very neutral, it does not 'fight' with the components of treatment"Says Samantha.

"For those who do not usually go much to the dermatologist, the product is also a good indication. It is best to use it, it goes well for all skin types, than buying the wrong facial soap, which may end up detonating her complexion. Evil, Johnson's shampoo will not do"Recommended the doctor.

washing the face 2ThinkstockO baby shampoo is good to clean the skin, but does not serve as makeup remover

The most appropriate, however, to consult a dermatologist for it to pass a specific type of facial cleansing routine for you. "Overall, I always prescribe a soap or cleansing gel, and tonic, moisturizer and sunscreen"Says Samantha.

Many people indicate shampoo Johnson's Baby to take the makeup, but it does not serve as makeup remover. "This formula does not take all residues make"Says Samantha.

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