What is the end of “Dragon’s Lair”? Prepare to be disappointed

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Who was a child in the 80's and 90 certainly accompanied at least one episode of the series of drawings "Dragon's Lair", classic broadcast by Rede Globo and today has a legion of fans.

Based RPG game "Dungeons and Dragons", the animation produced by Marvel told the story of six young people who, for a ride on a roller coaster of an amusement park, were transported to another dimension, where they would find the Dungeon Master characters, a kind of group counselor, and Avenger, the villain who did everything to prevent teens return home.

End of "Dragon's Lair"

Altogether, the series has produced 27 episodes and was canceled without displaying a final fact that in addition to sadden the fans, was able to render numerous theories about the true meaning of attraction.

For years the rumor was spread that the final design had never been exhibited by theoretically have inappropriate content for children. The story supposedly reveal that the characters had died in the park and were unknowingly in hell. What's more, the Dungeon Master was actually a villain who only manipulated the young.

Michael Reaves, one of the writers of attraction, revealed that the rumors about the grim final episode are not true for the simple fact that at the time, the producers even interested in putting an end to the drawing. Therefore, know that the outcome to the saga was only scripted but never produced.

It fell to Brazilian cartoonist Reinaldo Rocha create the images of the final episode of "Cave of the Dragon", entitled "Requiem" and launched in comics. History shows that, in fact, Dungeon Master was a dubious character and deceived young people so that they help him recover Avenger actually was his son who went to the path of evil.


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