How to Pass base: 7 amazing tricks transform makeup

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The name itself reveals its importance, after all, if the base is not well made, shadow, blush, lipstick and company will also be aimed at a more or less visual. At first it seems simple - just spread the makeup for the face - but there are tricks that transform the coverage of skin and hide any defects. The makeup artist Kecia Littman revealed what is the right way to pass based on face the US magazine Women's Health. See below.

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Base makeup: how to get the perfect cover

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Always test three bases
When buying makeup, compare three formulas or even different brands. Pass the three-cheek, compare and choose the one that best fits your skin and has the features you're looking for (mild, good coverage, brightness, etc.). Then take the three tones of this base that more closely resemble the color of your skin and wipe the jawline to ear. One will be the perfect base.

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Use two basic tones
The sun acts in different ways in each part of the face. The forehead and nose, for example, receive more sun than the rest of the face and end up getting darker. If this is the case, use a darker shade of base for parties that receive more sun. When shopping, do the test in these areas.

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Relate your skin type with the base texture
You use cosmetics for dry skin or dry? Opt a liquid or cream base. If the grease is your problem, try powder bases. Who have normal skin can experience all kinds, but liquid foundations often become more natural. Using the wrong versions, in addition to reducing the durability of the makeup, can aggravate the skin problem.

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Use a round brush
Not all areas of your face need the same amount of base. The rounded brush helps put the correct amount at each part of the face.

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Start at the center of the face
Chin, nose, cheeks and forehead are the areas of the face that are redder and therefore need more base. Caprice in these parts and only spend a small amount on the remainder.

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Apply the base from top to bottom
If applied from below, the product enters into the pores, making them more evident. Move in the opposite direction helps disguise.

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try dot
Instead of drawing lines on the face, you can spread liquid and creamy bases making points with a very fluffy makeup brush and straight bristles. The movements should be smooth to ensure optimal coverage.

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