9 causes of delayed menstruation that are not pregnant

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On the day that you expect the beginning of a new menstrual cycle, suddenly faced with an unprecedented delay and starts to get worried about a possible pregnancy, even though believed to have taken all the necessary precautions. Before you despair, know that there are other causes that cause delayed menstruation and not related to a pregnancy:

Menstruation delayed: what can be?

1. A delay in the following periods at menarche is normal because the body can take up to five years to adapt, since the girl's reproductive system is still maturing.

2. O Prolonged use of oral contraceptives It can also cause delayed menstruation because, after years of ingestion, the woman's body will need extra time to adapt their hormone production. Typically, the situation is normalized within 6 months.

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3. If the woman is breast-feeding may have delays in the cycle, as it releases hormones that can prevent ovulation and hence menstruation.

4. Emotional factors also impact the menstrual cycle. Stress and anxiety, for example, trigger the release of certain hormones in large quantities, can cause delays in menstruation.

5. Obesity can be another factor of irregular menstruation, because the increase in body fat may interfere with the functioning of the pituitary gland of the brain that regulates the release of the egg, by altering the metabolism.

6. You may not know, but early menopause It can also affect women from 35 years and its main symptom frequent delay in menstruation.

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7. The use of drugs to fight infection, inflammation, colds and flu can also disrupting ovulation, causing delay in menstruation.

8. Some women, to produce certain hormones in large quantities, develop Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, condition that has as a symptom deregulated or absence of menstruation bleeding.

9. The thyroid is a major responsible for hormone production in the body. When she undergoes changes, the trend is that the body of the rest suffer impacts. Therefore, perform tests to find out if you suffer from hypo- or hyperthyroidism.

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