Discover the story behind the birth of the first emoji

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Did you know that emoji, or emoticons, have an official date of birth?

The story began long before the Internet became popular when digital messages were exchanged only between teachers and students geeks technology colleges. We're talking more precisely on 19 September 1982, in Pittsburgh, the United States, when a student of traditional Carnegie Mellon University proposed the use of a symbol to mark digital messages that should not be taken seriously.

Meaning of emoji

Scott E. Fahlman, the student in question, invented the smiley face :-) as a "marker jokes" after a false message about an alleged mercury spill leaving the entire student community in an uproar.

Since then, the fashion of "smileys" (giggles) picked up, and began to be built by large media companies, especially in Japan, where current emoji began to be developed.

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