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Pablo Escobar was the largest and most feared drug trafficker across America (and became the world's largest) and also owned one of the largest fotunas the world. Pablo was born in Antioquia, Colombia, and December 1, 1949.
At school already demonstrated mathematical and business skills. He began studying economics, but dropped out of college because it could not afford to continue.
He married Victoria Eugenia Henao Vallejo, with whom he had two children: Juan Pablo and Manuela.
After he became the boss of trafficking, Escobar was arrested, escaped, but the government captured and killed in Medellin in 1993.

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In 2014, his son Juan Pablo published the book: "Pablo Escobar, My Father", that cites some oddities:# 7 The Farm Naples

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Among the dozens of properties in Colombia, Pablo had a farm he called Naples. It was so big and extravagant that had 27 artificial lakes, three zoos, a Jurassic park with replicas of dinosaurs in life-size, and the largest motocross track in Latin America.# 6 housework

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All employees wore specially made clothes for them. They received treatment with manicure and course automaquiagem. Care has been imposed by Escobar's wife, who also received this type of service every day.# 5 flowers in luxurious penthouse

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Another oddity of the former head of Medellin cartel Monaco was the building, which had a cover 1700 square meters. The decoration of flowers were brought every day in Bogota in his private plane.

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Every end of the year, the Escobar family care giant containers of gunpowder and fireworks, which cost more than 50,000 US dollars each. Pablo gave half to his men and the other half was used to celebrate in Naples farm. Second counts Juan Pablo, many boxes were intact.# 3 Theme parties

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Theme parties were the favorite Tata, Escobar's wife. A group of designers and tailors was sent home to each of the guests to design their costumes.

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"La muerte de Pablo Escobar"By Fernando Botero

On each birthday party, Pablo Escobar raffled some works of art of great international artists.# 1 gifts for your child

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In the book, Juan Pablo recounts some gifts received from father:

"In 1996 my birthday, I received a gift that, in the midst of my immaturity, did not have much meaning: a safe with the original love letters that Manuelita Sáenz wrote to the Liberator Simón Bolívar. I also received several medals liberating. [...] In 1998, when I turned eleven, already I had a collection of about 30 bikes such as motocross, trikes, quads, karts and buggies from the best brands. Also had 30 runners. [...] At thirteen, he decided to present me with a bachelor apartment, with two huge rooms, my room with mirrors on the ceiling, a bar with a futuristic design, zebra skin in the living room and a chair of Venus. "

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