Before and after those who took the long bob: 8 compare and decide whether to copy the cut

before after flavia pavanelli 0917 400x800flaapavanelli / instagram

Trend a few years ago, the cutting long bob yet out of fashion. Every season there is always a celebrity passing to adopt it is fashionable or on TV, in Brazil or abroad.

As is the case of blogger darling of internet Flávia Pavanelli. The brunette was superconhecida the care he had with his long wires. Linda anyway, Flavia has already done more success with short length.

The following is the before and after stunning women with long hair, who adopted the long bob. If inspire the transformations:

Cut long bob: before and after

Fiorella Mattheis

before after fiorella mattheis 0917 400x800fiorellamattheis / instagram

The model and actress left the locks pink candy (which used to build a character) to adopt the most seductive cut.

Vanessa Hudgens

before after vanessa hudgens 0917 400x800Vanessa Hudgens / instagram

Actress who became famous for sequences "High School Musical" also he had long hair for years to pluck up courage to cut.

Sophie Charlotte

before after sophie charlotte 0917 400x800sophiecharlotte1 / instagram

With the end of superset "The days were so," Sophie Chalotte actress was free of hair hairpieces Alice character, back to your low cut with bangs.

Selena Gomez

before after selena gomez 0917 400x800selenagomez / instagram / Dimitrios Kambouris / GettyImages

The American singer Selena Gomez also could not resist cutting trend and shifted her long wavy bob for long.

Events, celebrity sometimes uses good straight hair. Others, takes advantage of the ease of a short hair messy.

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian before after 0918 400x800kimkardashian / instagram

Very adept of laces (almost imperceptible wigs) that uses the gray and platinum shades, the chief muse of the Kardashian clan is another to have the actual hair length long bob.

Bella Hadid

before after bella hadid 0917 400x800Albert Urso / JP Yim / GettyImages

Sister Gigi Hadid for some time using the wires this length shoulders. However, the beautiful model who is also already had long and layered strands as her sister.

Kendall Jenner

before after kendall jenner 0917 400x800Pascal Le Segretain / JP Yim / GettyImages

Third of the sisters to adopt the short hair, Kendall also won a more mature air after cut the long locks.

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