5 typical problems of long hair and 5 definitive solutions

long hairThinkstock

long hairThinkstock

long and full wire movements are the dream of many women, but who has long hair knows that keeping them clean is not easy. Here's how to troubleshoot problems that every woman who has big hair knows well.

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dry ends, oily root

These two problems appear often in combination - and it is complicated to solve a without worsening the other. Here the trick is, first, change some small habits of everyday life: Avoid passing hand in hair not to intensify oil and do not forget to apply the repairing tips daily. To alleviate the problem, you can use a shampoo antirresíduos once a week only in Rai and condition the ends with an intense hydrating mask.

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Hair blunt

The hairs do not grow at the same time and on a regular basis. This difference is most noticeable when the hair is long, hence the feeling of lack of court. In this case, there's no way: it will be necessary to make the cut maintenance more often - once every two months is generally enough.

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Hair-drying takes

Just thinking about making brush you already gets lazy time it will take? To reduce the time, the tip is to start to dry the back of the hair, directing the jet to the scalp - this will cause the hot air to spread better. Then model the bangs and the front part of the hair, in the end, the model length.

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Hair embarrasses very

Who has the long wires know: just get a little wind in the street so that they are entangled. And time to untangle be careful: long, fine hair tend to be more fragile and break easily if pulled. Comb always rising from the ends, and if the hair is very embarrassed, separate it in t move before passing the comb. In the bath, use a wide-tooth comb in time to remove the conditioner or hidratração mask.

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split ends

When the wires are long it is harder to oiliness of the root pass the entire length. Result: dry and split ends. Not to suffer from the problem, the first tip is to exercise caution when passing sloshing and dryer and never dispense with the thermal protector. Moreover, the tips cut a little damaged periodically helps improve the appearance of the yarn.

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