Lipstick Jeiza which is a success is the MAC: where are the lipsticks Bibi, Irene and more?

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Some items tend to draw attention in novels, but in recent months that have generated more curiosity among the viewers are the batons used during the plots.

Among the most requested in the SAC of the Globe, the colors of the characters lips have generated doubt and in demand. Here, we have what are the batons used by the main characters that are in the air today.

Batons used in novels

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Juliana Paes, the Bibi "The Want Force", has used different lipsticks during the plot, but one that generated more curiosity was the tone of dark nude, pulled brown.

The product is used by her Nars and is called Pigalle Semi Matte Lipstick collection. Its value is R $ 139.

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On his birthday, he celebrated in Bibi Estudantina and used during the party, a very bright pink lipstick. The color, which is closed, also has matte finish and is in pencil.

Maybelline, the name of the model used by Juliana Paes is "I'm inside" and costs $ 19.90.

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The villain Irene, played by Débora Falabella is a bold character and, in most scenes, is wearing a red lipstick.

In a closed tone matte and pulled the brownish, the color used is the chili, the MAC. It can be found on the brand for $ 76 website.

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Another character "The Want Force" using batons striking is the Jeiza. THE actress Paolla Oliveira It has used earthy shades like nude and brown.

The lighter lipstick that she has used since the beginning of the plot is also the MAC and is called Persistence. It costs $ 74.

paola oliveira jeiza20717 400x800Press Release / Playback / The strength of will / globoplay

But the brown used recently in a darker color and heavy, is the Brazilian brand Eudora.

The model name is Brown Luxury and can be purchased for $ 39.

What actresses use in novels

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