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How about making a customized photo album for you remember your best moments?

We have a unique super tip for you put together a photo album son, his birthday, graduation, etc., so you do not spend too much money buying albums ready, but also so that you do not leave your best shots only on the computer.

It is a easy crafts, inexpensive and very creative, not to mention that the end result is beautiful. Let's check!


  • 3 paper bags
  • 8-12 photos
  • Tarraxinhas
  • awl
  • Cardboards of various colors
  • Quotes / labels / stickers

Step by step:

To start make your custom photo album, put a paper bag over the other, in the same order, and fold them in half.

Pick it paper cardboard you chose to do album cover and cutting it to the desired width to fit the size of the bags. Leave an excess of paper that can hold back, where will the tarraxinhas.

Align album cover cardboard and paper bags so that the holes are made in the same place. Using the hole punch, make four holes in the cardboard and paper bags and pass the tarraxinhas for them.

Now your album It is mounted!

You have 3 pages with a half moon cut off because of the bag format. To make them more beautiful, cut them into a more rounded shape.
Within the paper bags will the photos of your custom album. To make the leaves for photos, use the remaining cardstock, cutting them to size to fit inside the bags.

also cardboards we will make the tabs. Cut 3 circles and staple the pages that do not have the pocket to put the pictures, so that only about a half moon out. At the end there should be three pages with tabs and three pockets for photos.

now customization of the album for photos it is complete! Use creativity and fill it with the photos you separated, adhesives, messages, etc. Like it? Here are some more pictures for you to inspire.

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